After noticing massive hair fall and dryness in your hair, you have mended your ways and fixed your hair care routine. Regularly started oiling your hair, diligently applied DIY hair masks, gave yourself regular trims and added more green veggies, fruits and seeds to your diet – all of this to make your hair healthy again. However, you still cannot see any difference in your hair despite the efforts you so consciously made. That may feel discouraging, we know. After all, if you are unable to notice any changes, it may be difficult to recognise whether you are on the right path or still doing something wrong. If you are confused about whether your efforts have been good or bad for your hair, we have some help for you. We have listed down some signs of new hair growth for you, so have a look…


What Are The Signs of New Hair Growth

What Are The Signs Of New Hair Growth?

Regrowth happens slowly, so if you’ve been taking efforts for months to make your hair healthy and thick, the result may not be immediately visible. However, your hair and scalp will display some signs that will indicate growth, so look out for these.


1. Dark spots

Signs of New Hair Growth - Dark spots

Under proper lighting, part your hair and check for dark spots on the scalp and the hairline. These dark spots are often referred to as a shadow. If you notice them on your scalp, don’t be worried. It’s time to be overjoyed! These dark spots indicate that your hair follicles are in the active phase of hair regrowth. So, these spots are a sure shot sign of new hair growth. As for the colour of the spots, they look dark because the hair shafts are about to emerge from the scalp and grow out.


2. Fuzz

Signs of New Hair Growth - Fuzz

When new hair is growing, it often appears as peach fuzz. You’d have seen this peach fuzz on babies, right? If you notice the same on your scalp, it’s a signs of hair growth. This fuzz is thinner than the rest of your hair, because it has just begun to grow. Give it time, it will grow naturally. The fact that you can see peach fuzz on your scalp is an indication that the hair follicles are active.


3. Fine and short hair growth

Signs of New Hair Growth - Fine and short hair growth

Notice those baby hair strands that did not exist earlier? Those are signs of new hair growth on the scalp. If your scalp is healthy, then these baby hair strands will grow faster than usual. That’s the good news, but here’s something you should know – baby hair is delicate and may break easily. You don’t want that now, do you? So be gentle on your scalp so as to not break these baby hair strands. Avoid brushing aggressively or scratching.


4. Fewer split ends

Signs of New Hair Growth - Fewer split ends

If you see fewer split ends in your hair as compared to earlier, congratulations! This is a signs of new hair growth. Your split ends will reduce only when your hair is healthy and you take proper care of it. Therefore, whatever you have been doing for hair care is clearly working for you when you can see a decrease in your split ends. Continue what you are doing to keep your hair healthy and to help it grow better.


5. Reduced hair loss and hair breakage

Signs of New Hair Growth - Reduced hair loss and hair breakage

Shedding up to 100 hair strands a day is normal, but excessive hair fall is a sign of weak hair. When normal shedding occurs, the hair strand sheds along with the root of the hair, which looks like a tiny white bulb. However, when hair breaks, the root is usually missing from the hair strand. Hair loss and breakage often happens when your locks are dry, brittle and unhealthy. So if you have recently started noticing less hair fall and less breakage of hair, it means your hair is on the path to recovery. This is an indication that your hair care routine is working.


6. Stronger hair

Signs of New Hair Growth - Stronger hair

Stronger hair is a sign of healthy hair growth and also indicates future growth. As time passes, growing hair strands become active, start gaining volume and grow longer. This new hair growth is stronger. It’s a clear sign that your hair can now initiate new growth.


7. Increased hair length

Signs of New Hair Growth - Increased hair length

Need we tell you more about this? Increased hair length is the most obvious sign of new hair growth. As your scalp and hair become healthier and your fine hair starts growing, the length of your hair is definitely going to increase.


8. Manageable hair

Signs of New Hair Growth - Manageable hair

If the days of difficult and unmanageable hair are far behind you, then there’s reason to be happy! Manageable, soft hair is a sign of regrowth and healthy hair. A healthy scalp supports healthy hair and its growth, which is always easily manageable.


How To Make your Hair Grow Faster

How To Make your Hair Grow Faster?

If your hair growth has been particularly slow recently, then there are a few ways to accelerate the process. Here we share 4 easy tips to improve your hair growth.

1. Indulge in a scalp massage

Indulge in a scalp massage

After a long, tiring day, a head massage is the best way to pamper yourself. However, you should indulge in scalp massages more often because they improve blood circulation in the scalp and nourish your hair follicles. Try using warm oil for a massage and if you want your hair to grow faster, castor oil is the best! Try to give your head a hot oil massage at least once a week to nourish your hair and boost its growth.

2. Trim your hair

Trim your hair

Here’s the age-old question: why trim hair when you’re trying to grow it? Well, hear us out. If you want long and healthy hair, frequent hair trimming is a must. Sticking with frayed split-ends will not let your hair grow well as the dryness will keep spreading up the lengths, so it’s better to give your hair a trim every three months to get rid of dry, split ends. Only when you get rid of split ends, can healthy hair growth.

3. Consider investing in hair-growth vitamins

Consider investing in hair-growth vitamins

If you want to take a step further, opt for hair supplements. While they are not a miracle cure, regularly consuming them can help with your hair growth. Look for supplements rich in biotin and vitamin E. However, consult a doctor before starting any supplements. Also, if you’re on medication, consultations are super important, as you don’t want your supplements interacting with your medicines and causing unwanted side effects.

4. Reduce the use of styling tools

Reduce the use of styling tools

You probably know this already, but the temptation is too much to resist! However, if you’re on the path to healthy and longer hair, then sacrificing the use of styling tools is something that will benefit you in the long run. Your styling tools, after all, generate a lot of heat, making your hair dry and brittle with constant use. So ditch the tools and notice the changes in your hair yourself! Your hair will thank you for being gentle with it.

5. Rinse hair with cold water

Rinse hair with cold water

We know this sends a shudder down your spine (quite literally!) but hear us out. Rinsing your hair with cold water will close up the cuticles of your hair and strengthen your hair follicles. It also prevents moisture loss and heat damage.

Healthy hair grows about half an inch per month, so that means you can expect six inches of hair growth in a year. The signs mentioned in the article will help you spot new hair growth on your scalp. When you notice hair growth, follow a hair care routine to keep it healthy and nourished. A well-balanced diet will promote hair growth too, so stick with it to notice results.