5 Tips To Prevent Hair Damage While Working Out

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
5 tips to prevent hair damage while working out

Working out regularly is good for your body, mind and skin. There are so many benefits of exercising; so it should definitely be a part of your everyday routine. Having said that, did you know that working out can cause damage to your tresses? That’s right; most women cause serious damage to their hair each time they hit the gym. For starters, sweat can damage your hair by stretching it and causing hair to lose colour faster.

Before you blame us for suggesting giving up on exercising to maintain healthy hair, hear us out. We are not here to discourage you; instead, we’re sharing some tips that will ensure working out doesn’t damage your tresses.


01. Use spiral hair ties

Choose hairstyle according to workout

If a ponytail is your go-to gym hairstyle, you must often be left with a ponytail dent post-workout. Those tight hair ties not only ruin the shape of your hair but can also cause pressure on the roots. When you move, the hair can easily get uprooted. To prevent this from happening, opt for spiral hair ties. They keep your hair in place without causing a dent or hair breakage. Since it's made of plastic, it won't absorb sweat as well!


02. Buy workout friendly headbands

Choose hairstyle according to workout

Wearing a headband is essential while working out. It will not only keep sweat off your face but will also prevent baby hairs from sticking on your face. But don’t opt for regular headbands because they look cute; what you need instead are workout friendly headbands that absorb sweat and are breathable.


03. Keep a few bobby pins handy

Choose hairstyle according to workout

Believe it or not, a ponytail can ruin the most perfect hairstyle, and most of the time, you don’t even need it. To keep hair off your face, all you need are some bobby pins, especially if you’ve got bangs. Keep a few bobby pins always handy, so if your hair decides to fall on your face during the workout, you can quickly secure it.


04. Prep with dry shampoo

Choose hairstyle according to workout

Here’s a tip that will make your hair less greasy. Spray some dry shampoo on the roots before starting your workout. After the workout, let your hair loose and simply run your fingers through your hair. This will help spread the product evenly all over and make your tresses appear fresh.


05. Choose hairstyle according to workout

Choose hairstyle according to workout

There are a ton of workout hairstyles, so why stick to just one? Go for a high bun, a high ponytail with a headband for yoga and pilates. For intense workout sessions, you can opt for braids that won’t cause any tangles.

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