Eyebrow Dandruff Bothering You? Here’s How To Treat It!

Written by Pratishtha RanaJul 14, 2022
Eyebrow dandruff bothering you? Here’s how to treat it!

So, did you think dandruff only attacks your scalp? We’d ask you to reconsider that thought and get to know all about eyebrow dandruff! Yes, dandruff on eyebrows is a thing and the worst part is that it can appear anytime on anyone, across age groups, and that too, uninvited! If you’ve ever experienced or have recently started noticing some white, flaky patches on areas around your eyebrows (just like the pesky scalp dandruff), know that it is eyebrow dandruff triggered due to a kind of yeast infection.

But, aren’t you curious about what exactly causes dandruff on the brows; and if it can be treated at all? Well, we did the research for you and we have all the answers and treatments to get rid of eyebrow dandruff. Keep reading…


What Causes Eyebrow Dandruff?

How to Prevent Eyebrow Dandruff

As most of us have experienced it, you’d recall that dandruff is mainly flaky, itchy and dry. Dandruff, in its medical term, is known as seborrheic dermatitis, and it occurs in areas that have rich oil glands and hair-bearing follicles like the scalp and face. And, eyebrow dandruff is no different than scalp dandruff. The main culprit behind it is usually a species of yeast called Malassezia furfur that lives on the skin’s dermis, the layer below the epidermis.

Other causes of eyebrow dandruff often include oily skin type, climatic conditions like cold and dry weather, genetic skin conditions, skin allergy, unsuitable skincare products or stress. This leads to dryness, itchiness, and in some cases, greasy texture and inflammation around the brow area. But the good news is that it is easy to treat!


How To Get Rid of Eyebrow Dandruff?

How to Prevent Eyebrow Dandruff

Just like with any skin condition, it is important that you do not ignore early signs of eyebrow dandruff and get on to treat it immediately. If you want to understand why you’re experiencing flakiness and dryness on your eyebrows and want to use the right topical medication, you must consult your dermatologist. Apart from that, there are also multiple treatments of eyebrow dandruff that you could try at home on a regular basis and see gradual signs of improvement. We list it all below…

  • Keep your face clean

To avoid the spread of dandruff-causing yeast infection that has an affinity to oily skin, it’s important to keep your face – including the area around eyebrows – clean and matte. Choose a gentle face wash without alcohol and harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin, and use it religiously in the morning and night to get rid of all the excess grease, dirt and toxins likely clogging your pores. Keeping the sebum production in check can reduce the chances and severity of eyebrow dandruff.

  • Grab an anti-dandruff shampoo

You must be aware of shampoos that are specifically targeted to treat dandruff of the scalp. Using such anti-dandruff shampoos for your eyebrow dandruff may prove to be an effective cure, too. You can directly apply it on your brows, lather it up a bit and rinse it off with room temperature water. Make sure the lather doesn’t enter your eyes. But be careful of not using a shampoo that’s overly drying or laden with harsh chemicals as it can dry out your brow area even more.

  • Use a light moisturiser

It’s important to keep your scaly and dry eyebrow area properly moisturised. So, it goes without saying that you must regularly apply some moisturiser on your face, focusing better on your brow area. Remember, you don’t want to make your skin overly oily, so use a light, hydrating moisturiser instead of using a thick and rich formula.

  • Apply aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is one miracle ingredient you must use when dealing with eyebrow dandruff. Not only does it boost hydration, but its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties make aloe vera a wise choice to soothe and heal the dryness, rashes and flakiness on the skin. You can use freshly scooped out aloe gel and apply it on and around your brows and wash it off with normal water after 15-20 minutes.

  • Use tea tree oil

Another remedy to treat seborrheic dermatitis on your eyebrows is to use tea tree oil. Yes, this essential oil is generally one of the top choices to treat scalp dandruff, as it contains antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits. It may help get rid of the yeast blocking your eyebrow area, hence visibly reducing the buildup of dandruff. Remember to not use tea tree oil directly; mix it with another carrier oil or aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area three to four times a week.


Consult a Dermatologist

How to Prevent Eyebrow Dandruff

Although eyebrow dandruff is a common skin condition that affects people across age groups, if you’re not satisfied with just the home remedies and the already available skincare products, you must consider talking to a dermatologist. The dermat will explain the cause of the eyebrow dandruff in detail and help you with prescription medicine or medicated shampoo, lotion or gels that would help to calm down the eyebrow dandruff.


How to Prevent Eyebrow Dandruff

How to Prevent Eyebrow Dandruff

1. More than anything, eyebrow dandruff can flare up more if you touch it or pick on it. So, avoid scratching or itching the flaky, dry skin around your eyebrows to keep dandruff in control, while you treat it with other remedies.

2. Using granule-based or harsh exfoliants near your eyebrows will end up making dandruff worse and intensify the dryness and scaling. It is very important to treat the flakiness as gently as possible without excessive rubbing or scrubbing that part of the face. Instead, use milder cleansers to keep your face clean and oil-free.

3. Alcohol as an ingredient in itself is strong and can cause increased sensitivity and inflammation on areas near your eyebrows. So, make sure to use only those skin care products, including cleansers, moisturisers, toners and mists, that are free of alcohol. To ensure this, you should read the label of the packaging for ingredients.

4. Winters can be unforgivingly cold and dry, having adverse and direct effects on your skin. This is why you should not let your facial skin be devoid of hydration and proper moisturising. To be safe from the sun’s damaging rays, first, apply sunscreen and then follow up with a light but ingredient-rich moisturiser on the areas near eyebrows every day.

5. It is highly recommended to avoid using facial razors or any kind of sharp or abrasive tools on your face when experiencing eyebrow dandruff, as even a slight scratch or cut can aggravate scaliness and inflammation in that area, causing skin redness and wounds that would only worsen the skin condition and take time to heal.

6. Avoid eating junk and fried food and items that contain too many refined carbohydrates and sugar-based ingredients as they could trigger oiliness on your skin. Also, include those skincare products in your routine that are apt for oily skin. These little changes will keep your oily skin in check and lessen the probability of eyebrow dandruff.

7. Lastly, before using any ingredient or product on eyebrow dandruff as a remedy, it is suggested to consult your doctor or dermatologist for safe and professional guidance.

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