5 Post-Workout Hair Care Tips To Refresh Your Greasy Mane

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
5 post-workout hair care tips to refresh your greasy mane

We can brave the sweet sore pain in our muscles, and we can even endure the disgusting smell of sweat, but if there is one thing we hate about workouts, it has to be our post-workout sweaty, greasy hair *ugh*. We can take a bath and be done with the bodily sweat and odour, but washing the hair every day to get rid of the sweat and grease is not recommended. Why? It can strip your hair of its natural oils (more on that later).

So what’s the solution, you ask? It’s simple. Just follow these easy-peasy post-workout hair care tips to revive and refresh your greasy mane.


01. Wash but don’t overwash your tresses

Avoid tight, plastic hair ties

The first human instinct is always to wash off dirty, greasy hair. And while it is a good idea, we can’t wash our hair daily. Overwashing your tresses can be more harmful than you can imagine, as it strips off the natural oil from your scalp, which eventually leads your hair to become more greasy and oily. So while you should wash your hair regularly, just make sure you don’t do it daily.

For the days you do wash them, make sure you use a mild and clean shampoo like the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Clarifying Shampoo. This will help clarify and soothe your oily scalp while also removing all the build-up and dirt. Made with Australian tea tree oil, aromatic vetiver and organic coconut oil, this shampoo is vegan and cruelty-free and will leave your tresses revived and refreshed.


02. Trust dry shampoos

Avoid tight, plastic hair ties

Now, we can’t possibly live with oily, sweaty post-workout hair in between hair washes, right? So, we say you trust dry shampoo to avoid greasy hair days. Spray the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo to your hair after working out, and you’ll thank us forever. This dry shampoo instantly absorbs excess oil from the scalp and makes your hair appear fresh and voluminous. Just spray directly to your greasy roots and massage it for a minute, and you’re good to go!


03. Don’t forget to brush and detangle your hair

Avoid tight, plastic hair ties

Your scalp produces oil during your workout. And while it may cause your hair to become greasy, brushing them after your workout can help distribute this oil evenly to the middle shaft and tips of your hair. This way, the oil produced can help hydrate your dry hair strands. Furthermore, brushing your hair right after working out also helps make sure your hair doesn't get all tangled and knotted.


04. Air dry your hair

Avoid tight, plastic hair ties

Using a hot styling tool like a hairdryer sounds like a quick and great way to dry up your post-workout washed hair, but trust us, it’s a really bad idea! Your hair is weak and brittle at this stage, and using a blow dryer can leave them frizzy and tangled. So, go old school and let your hair dry naturally to protect it from any damages.


05. Avoid tight, plastic hair ties

Avoid tight, plastic hair ties

While tying up wet hair is always a bad idea, using a tight plastic hair tie to do this after a workout is a haircare faux pas. Plastic hair ties can damage your hair and cause them to become thin, brittle and eventually break off. It is best to let your hair air dry and leave them open.

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