Tips To Add Shine To Your Curly Hair: Bb’s Top 5

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Tips to Add Shine to Your Curly hair: BB’s Top 5

Why my curls are not so shiny, like in the shampoo ad? We can name a number of reasons for dullness, such as hair damage, stress, poor diet, and other diseases. But there are specific reasons why naturally curly hair lacks radiance — we’ll discuss them all, suggest beauty hacks and products to add shine to curly hair. No cheating, like hair straightening, or keratin treatments, only TOP secrets of how to add shine and glow to your natural curl structure! Read on. 

Add Shine to Curly Hair: The Basics  

No secret, that curly hair is more voluminous, but less shiny than straight tresses. How come? Just due to the curly hair structure. Curly hair follicles are curved, that’s why they turn into spirals or waves while growing. The more your curvy hair is, the less tightly cuticle scales stick to each other and cover the hair core. That’s why curls are more dry and frizzy, need more nourishing and smoothing because the cuticle parts are a bit “opened”, and hair is porous. If the cuticle was smoother, hair could be shinier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to add shine to your waves and coils. Learn the five best tips to make curls more radiant! 

5 Tips to Add Shine to Curly Hair  

Curly and luminous hair at the same time is not too hard to achieve if you implement these 5 simple rules into your hair care routine and follow them thoroughly.

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1. Moisturise and Nourish 

The first basic step is to choose the right hair products for curly hair washing. The goal is to not overdry your hair while cleansing, so it can stay smooth and shiny after cleansing. 

  • This could be a shampoo with moisturising and smoothing ingredients. 

For example, TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Shampoo contains silk protein, biotin, and argan oil for keeping hair moisturised, tame frizz, make your tresses shinier, smoother, and easier to style. 

  • You can also choose non-sulfate shampoo if you feel that harsh cleansing components lead to hair and scalp dryness.  

Among chemical free hair products for curly hair, we recommend trying Love Beauty and Planet Apple Cider Vinegar & Jasmine Sulfate Free Shine Shampoo. This plant-based cleanser doesn’t include sulfates, parabens, and dyes, only pure essential oils and natural extracts. Also, it is vegan and cruelty-free. 

  • Curly girl products for wavy hair research shows that sometimes washing your curls with conditioner works better — you can try this option for very dry curly hair, too. Co-washing is the part of curly girl method that helps to nourish and define wavy and curly hair. 

  • Sometimes, you can use butters and oils, like coconut, argan, or olive, as a pre-wash — in half an hour before cleansing. 

  • Hair is vulnerable during washing, so be careful and don’t rub it hard. Apply shampoo to your palms, then to your hair roots, gently massage, and let the foam drain down. 

  • To fill your porous hair with nutrients, apply hair mask after shampooing and before conditioning your locks. 

If you are searching “best hair products for curly hair India”, take a look at Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender, Paraben Free Smooth & Serene Hair Mask. This product infused with 100% organic coconut oil calms frizz, nourishes and smooths strands, helps to achieve gorgeous hair, and leaves a calming lavender scent on your tresses. 

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2. Smooth out hair cuticles 

Another one basic step of adding shine to your curls and building the curly hair routine is to close and smooth your hair cuticles after washing. Here is the list of methods how to do it: 

  • Always use conditioner as a final step of your hair washing routine.  

To add shine to your locks, try TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Conditioner with silk protein to make your waves or coils shiny, manageable, soft, and smooth. 

  • Rinse your hair with cool water — this helps to close cuticles and provide radiance. 

  • Acid treatments, like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar also help to smooth the cuticle. 

  • After rinsing, use cotton or microfiber towel to reduce frizz. 

  • Sometimes, blow-drying your hair right after washing, especially with cool air and diffuser, help to define curls and smooth the hair surface.  

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3. Choose Leave-in Products 

To keep curly hair tangle-free between washes, try leave-in best hair products for curly hair: conditioners, balms, creams and serums. For example, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum with camellia oil helps to restore hair keratin, make your hair healthier, smoother, and shinier. 

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4. Reduce the Frizz 

To keep your hair shiny, you must tame the frizz with styling curly hair products for women. What are the best products for curly frizzy hair? Mousses, gels, finishing splays will help to define curls and smooth baby hair. These products for frizzy curly hair help to keep your hairstyle put together, and locks shiny.

products to add shine to curly hair woman brown long hair

5. Trim Those Split Ends 

If your hair ends are split and damaged, this can spoil all your plans to achieve hair shine. In this case, just trim those dull and dry hair tips, even a little cut can improve your look significantly. 

FAQs about Tips to Add Shine to Curly hair  

What are the top 10 hair products for curly hair? 

  1. Hydrating shampoos 

  1. Non-sulfate shampoos 

  1. Co-washing conditioners 

  1. Hair oils 

  1. Hair masks 

  1. Hair serums 

  1. Leave-in balms and creams 

  1. Hair styling mousses, gels, and anti-frizz finishing sprays 

  1. Microfiber or cotton towel  

  1. Silk hair accessories   

Should I stick to curly girl method for my natural waves? 

Curly girl method helps to define all the types of wavy or curly hair textures; only for very straight hair it does not work at all. So, it is worth to try, but not necessarily this method will fit you, or bring desirable effect.  

Can you make curly hair shiny like glass? 

You can always add healthy shine to your wavy or curly tresses, but, to be honest, glass hair trend that became viral, unfortunately, does not match the curly hair texture. However, for a change, you can always straighten your hair temporarily or permanently and achieve this trendy glass look. 

Have you learned something new and discovered any products to add shine to curly hair? Then share this article with your curly besties and embrace your hair texture! 

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