Don’t we all love the way our curls catch the wind when we let them down? However, no one asks for the uncontrollable mess it ends up in at the end of the day! We get that tangles are part and parcel of having curly hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Since we are firm believers that a little tender loving and care can go a long way, we are listing down a few ways with which you can treat your hair. Here are five easy tips that you can follow to keep your curly hair tangle-free between washes.


01. Always condition after shampooing

Always condition after shampooing

Hair that is thick and coarse tends to lose moisture quickly. And curly hair is, sadly, drier than other hair types. That’s why it’s non-negotiable to use a conditioner. A hair conditioner smooths down the hair cuticles and locks in the moisture to keep your tresses smooth, shiny and tangle-free. Now the secret to detangling curly hair is to use more conditioner than even shampoo! Just apply an adequate amount from the mid-lengths to the ends of your locks, avoiding the scalp area, and leave it on for at least one minute before rinsing off with cold water. You can also try the co-washing method, which is basically conditioning your hair before washing it. Read more about it here.

Pro tip: Detangle your hair before shampooing to make sure your hair doesn't form knots as you wash them.


02. Always use a hair serum

Always use a hair serum

Hair serums are superheroes that keep your villainous tangles at bay between washes. Serums like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum help nourish and smoothen your hair, making them smooth and frizz-free. Formulated with camellia oil, this hair serum also adds a vibrant bounce and shine to your tresses. Apply to your damp or dry hair evenly, without reaching the roots and enjoy shiny hair till your next wash!


03. Sleep on silk pillowcases

Sleep on silk pillowcases

It’s not just the wind, pollution and dust that leaves your hair in knots. When you sleep at night, the friction between your hair and the pillowcase can lead to your hair getting all tangled and messed up. We recommend switching to silk or satin pillowcases to avoid such a situation. These fibres are softer on your hair than cotton ones and can help reduce tangles in between washes.


04. Opt for protective hairstyles

Opt for protective hairstyles

Easy hairstyles like the good old braids, ponytails and buns help keep tangles away by restricting the movement of your locks. So, put on a protective hairstyle like a fishtail braid or top knot and keep them from knotting up.

Pro tip: Use a satin or silk scarf to cover your hair while sleeping or tie it in a simple braid before hitting the bed.


05. Tie your hair up while exercising

Tie your hair up while exercising

Sweaty hair can make your scalp greasy and even lead to tangles in your hair. As the sweat travels down the hair shaft, it can make your hair and scalp greasy and lead to tangles. So, make sure to keep your tresses tied up while you are working out to keep the knots at bay.