2024'S Trending Hairstyles To Enhance Your Saree Look

Written by Lopa KMar 26, 2024
2024's Trending Hairstyles to Enhance Your Saree Look

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The perfect hairstyle for saree is made up of two things — it should suit the dressy nature of the drape and not distract from the saree itself. This is easier said than done, as different kinds of sarees need different styles to match them — for instance, a heavy Kanjeevaram will look better with a minimal party bun hairstyle for saree while a modern trendy hairstyle for saree balances out a sleek chiffon ensemble.  


Hairstyles with Sarees for Indian Weddings: The Basics

Wavy low pony

A pretty hairstyle for saree is also a fun break from everyday casual hairdos, a dream for anyone obsessed with pulling off complicated hairstyles and trying new things with their ethnic look!  

But before you get started on your choice of hairstyle for saree, prep your hair. See that it is freshly washed and detangled. Next, smoothen the frizz and flyaways with a serum. 

If you have extremely frizzy hair, get your hands on the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum stat! It uses argan oil and keratin to instantly smoothen your hair and make it ready for all those intricate hairstyles. 

We personally love the TRESemmé Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum since it uses nourishing oils to give your hair a natural shine without making it look greasy which can be a concern if you have thin and flat hair.  

And if you are in the mood to straighten or immortalize your bun hairstyle for saree with hair spray, we’ve got just the thing for you. The TRESemmé Heat Protect Spray is a 3-in-1 gem for that matter, as you can use it as sunblock for your hair, a hair spray and heat protection. 

Hairstyles with Sarees for Indian Weddings: Top Looks   

Now, let’s move on to the actual looks and find a simple hairstyle for saree that you can pull off and still look super glam! 


Hairstyle #1: Gajra Bun

Wavy low pony

Image courtesy: @bbhiral 

The gajra bun is a popular bun hairstyle for saree. This hair accessory is a classic, making your whole ensemble look and smell great! It also happens to be the go-to hairdo for Sonam Kapoor especially when she is sporting floral and beaded sarees. 

  • Brush out all your hair and create a centre part till the crown of your head. 

  • Put the rest of the hair in a neat, clean bun by twisting it in a spiral motion. Secure it with a thin hair tie. Don’t worry about cleaning it up too much as the gajra comes next!  

  • Take the gajra and wrap it around the bun. Use bobby pins to secure it in place.  

  • This is optional but if you want to elevate your look for a bridal event, the final touch can be a hair chain that hooks onto your earrings. 


Hairstyle #2: Half Updo

Wavy low pony


Image courtesy: @menonnikita 

The half updo for saree is versatile because it goes with every type of ethnic outfit from sarees to anarkalis and lehengas. If you find it boring, take a page from Shraddha Kapoor and add a twist to this casual hairstyle for saree by adding a gajra. But the options are endless from simple flowers to beads and clips! 

  • To get started, curl and comb through your hair for the beachy waves. 

  • Next, gather your hair in a half-up bun and secure it with a hair tie. Pull out some strands near your face for a playful look. 

  • Finish up by adding your favourite accessories to the half bun! 


Hairstyle #3: Side Bun

Wavy low pony

Image courtesy: @therealkarismakapoor 

Karisma Kapoor’s wardrobe of silk sarees is often paired with equally pretty side bun hairstyles which is the fastest way to switch up a bun! Basically, this classic low bun has a deep part on one side. She has opted for a French braid on the other for a youthful twist. 

  • Separate your mane in a deep side part, comb out the larger side and secure with a pin near the nape of your neck.  

  • On the smaller section, collect the hair in a French braid and pin it near the nape as well. 

  • Now take all of your hair and tie it into a low bun. Voila, you’re done! 


Hairstyle #4: Half Crown Braid

Wavy low pony

Image courtesy: @chettiarqueensly   

When it comes to a modern trendy hairstyle for saree, Karishma Tanna has it down to the tee. This one is a super cute fishtail braid crown that is paired with beachy waves for a fun, day vibe! 

  • Style your hair by curling it into loose curls. 

  • Take two small strands of hair from one side of your ear and create a fishtail braid to the centre of your hair.  

  • Repeat on the other side and then twist the ends into a small bun and pin it. And that is literally about it! 


Hairstyle #5: Messy High Bun

Wavy low pony

Image courtesy: @bhavyaarora   

If you are rocking cropped bangs or any kind of layered haircut like Lisa Ray here, this simple hairstyle for saree is perfect! All you need to do is pair your messy bun with some funky clips to add to the vibe. 

  • Divide your hair horizontally into two halves. Take the lower half and back-comb it for the volume. Cover it with the top half and smoothen out the top with your fingers.  

  • Take all of your hair and tie it into a bun. 

  • Pull out some strands from the sides of your face to balance out the choppy bangs. Top it off with a couple of cute clips near the bun.  


Hairstyle #6: The Off-Duty Model Bun

Wavy low pony

Image courtesy: @anuradha.raman8193  

Ever been envious of those sleek spiky buns that models do when they are not busy storming the ramps? Well, we have a desi twist for you courtesy of our very own Kirti Kulhari. And paired with a sombre silk saree, this bun hairstyle for saree exudes elegance. 

  • Go crazy on the serum to get that super slicked-back look. Create a deep side parting and then pull all of your back. 

  • At the back, divide your hair into two and create two ponytails right next to each other.  

  • Take one and wrap it around into a messy bun. Do the same for the next ponytail and you have your chic off-duty spiky buns. 


Hairstyle #7: Voluminous Low Ponytail

Wavy low pony

 Image courtesy: @floranhurel  

Considered a favourite long hairstyle for saree, this low ponytail can be quite boring unless you know the trick to it. It is all about adding volume as seen with Anushka’s glamorous look. 

  • Use a curler to create soft waves from mid-lengths to the ends. Oh. and don’t forget to back-comb at the top of the crown. 

  • Secure the hair in a low ponytail with a rubber band and add two bobby pins under the ponytail in a reverse tuck to give a little lift.  

FAQs about Hairstyles for Sarees 

Q1. How do I choose my wedding hairstyle?  

There are five elements to look at when choosing bridal hairstyles for saree. Coordinate with your outfit, look at multiple styles before setting down on one, show off your best features, go for long hair lengths (extensions) and pick an attractive headpiece to bring everything together.   

Q2. How can I do hairstyle for saree on short hair?  

Contrary to popular belief, short hair can pull off a lot of Indian-outfit hairstyles equally well as long hair. You can use hair extensions to add some length or use clip-on buns and bangs to add extra body to your mane. If all else fails, just use some lovely hair accessories and call it a day!  

Q3. How to do a messy braid for saree? 

If you are not sure how to do fancy braids, you can do the straightforward 3-strand braid to pair with a saree. Once you complete your braid, loosen the braid on the top and midway. Also pull out a few strands near your face and you’re done. 

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