Ways To Fix Greasy Hair: Top 9 Tips

Written by Lopa KDec 19, 2022
Ways to Fix Greasy Hair: Top 9 Tips

To wash or not to wash, that is the question! Nope, we aren’t quoting Shakespeare here, but rather every girl with greasy hair who faces this dilemma every day. Logically speaking, there aren’t many foolproof ways to fix greasy hair. As your scalp gets greasy, the first instinct is to wash it, but then you also know that washing your hair too often is not good for them either. So, what do you do? Well, we have a few tips under our belt that you can try and say goodbye to greasy hair days, for good!


Ways to fix greasy hair: the basics

Greasy hair is one of the most common problems that you have to deal with on a regular basis, especially during the summer and monsoon season. It gets worse if you live in a metropolitan city and are constantly in contact with pollution and dirt. However, certain habits might be making things worse. Before you reach out for that dry shampoo or wash your hair every day, you might want to check if you’re doing something wrong. If you’re guilty of committing these common hair mistakes, stop now, and you might just be able to find ways to fix greasy hair.

Fix greasy hair: top nine tips


1. Wash hair with a silicone-free shampoo

First things first – Let's start with the basics. To make your hair smooth and shiny, many shampoos and conditioners have silicone in them. However, this silicone is hard to rinse off and, as a

result, causes a nasty buildup on your scalp, which in turn ends up making your hair look greasy and dirty. We suggest switching to silicone-free shampoo like the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Shampoo. Made with plant-based cleanser, ethically sourced, and natural ingredients like Australian tea tree oil clarifies and soothes the scalp while gently removing buildup without stripping the essential oils needed. With this one by your side, you can kiss your greasy hair goodbye forever while enveloping your hair with a minty fragrance thanks to organic vetiver and peppermint.


2. Don’t apply conditioner on the roots

One of the easiest ways to fix greasy hair is to simply follow the steps of each hair product. Take a conditioner for instance. We all know what it is, but how many of us know how to use it properly? Sadly, not many of us. Applying conditioner on the scalp will make the roots oilier and make your hair look limp and greasy. Your hair is the one that needs hydration, so as a rule of thumb, always apply conditioner from the mid-length to the ends of your hair. But if you have short hair or are not really sure how to use a conditioner, just be safe and pick the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Conditioner. Like its shampoo counterpart, it is free of harsh chemicals and is meant to clear your hair of any build up with the help of tea tree oil. So, even if a little product spreads to your scalp, you don’t have to fret and just rinse it off.

3. Give dry shampoo a try

If you’re tempted to wash your hair as soon as it gets greasy (read: every day), we suggest you get your hands on a dry shampoo. Adding a dry shampoo to your hair routine will help you revive greasy hair in an instant by absorbing the excess oil from your scalp. Plus, it also adds tons of volume to your hair. What’s not to love? Just spray it directly on the roots from about a distance of eight to 12 inches. Gently massage the product in with your fingers and then comb your hair, and you’re good to go!

4. Air-dry your hair

Your hot styling tools like dryers and straighteners tend to make your hair oily a lot faster than you can imagine. So, if you want to avoid greasy hair, we’d say cut down on their use and switch to air-drying your hair as often as possible. Just squeeze the excess water out of your hair using a microfiber towel and allow your hair to air dry.


5. Scrub away the buildup

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp needs exfoliation too. This helps get rid of the buildup, which causes your hair to look greasy in the first place. For a DIY hair scrub at home, mix two tablespoons of sea salt with two tablespoons of lemon juice and olive oil. Apply it to your scalp and massage it with your fingers to gently exfoliate your scalp and wash it off with lukewarm water. Ta-da! No more greasy hair days.

6. Frequently touching your hair

Playing with your hair is a common habit that most women have, but did you know it is the biggest culprit in making your hair greasy? Touching your hair frequently transfers the oil from your fingertips onto your hair, weighing it down and making it look greasy. To break this habit, braid your hair or tie a ponytail. This way you will be less likely to touch your hair.


7. Washing it every day

We know it sounds contradictory, but believe us when we say this – do not wash your hair every day. Overwashing your hair will make your scalp dry and encourage it to produce more oil to compensate. However, not washing it enough can also be bad for the health of your hair. The ideal time to wash your hair is every third day or after an intense, sweaty workout session. This will keep grease away from your hair and ensure it is healthy and soft.

And when you do wash your hair, use a gentle shampoo-conditioner combo like the Tresemme Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner. It is free of parabens and instead uses neem and ginseng to clarify your hair and scalp. Effectively remove all scalp buildup while making sure it does not strip your hair all of its natural oils, keeping it shiny and healthy.

8. Not cleaning your hairbrush

Your hairbrush collects a lot of dirt and oil from your scalp and hair over time. If not cleaned well every few weeks, it can transfer the oil back to your tresses and make them look greasy. We recommend thoroughly cleaning your brush at least once a month, trust us, it’ll make a world of difference. Soak it in soap water for about 30 minutes and wash well with warm water, it’s that simple!

9. Showering with hot water

Taking a hot water bath after a long day seems very relaxing and it does take all the stress away. But here’s what you didn’t know – your scalp does not find hot water all that relaxing. Hot water strips away the natural oils from your hair and scalp making your hair look dry and frizzy. It also makes your scalp work overtime to produce excess oil, which in turn makes your hair look greasy. Avoid taking very hot showers to prevent hair damage.


FAQs about ways to fix greasy hair 

Q1. How do I get rid of greasy hair without washing it?

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can try a dry shampoo. Blow dry a little and spray on some dry shampoo to bring back life to flat and greasy hair. An oil blotting sheet may also help if you don’t have any dry shampoo at hand.

Q2. Why is my hair greasy a day after washing?

Some people just happen to produce more oil than others. If you also tend to travel a lot and use hair styling products, it can all add to the buildup.

Q3. Is greasy hair healthy?

Greasy hair is neither healthy nor abnormal. As we mentioned, some people’s body just produces more oil and sebum than the rest. The hair’s natural oil also helps in nourishing your tresses and protecting your scalp from external aggressors.

Well, those were some ways to fix greasy hair. From some lifestyle changes like not touching your hair to using gentle hair products, it really is that easy to say goodbye to a greasy scalp.

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