In a fast-paced city, we constantly juggle between managing our personal and professional lives. Amidst creating a perfect balance, we often go through a lot of stress. And one of the best ways to relieve stress and worry is to sit back, relax and enjoy a head massage. In India, massage plays an important role from childbirth. Not only is it therapeutic but also promotes balance between body’s energies. Head massage has a lot of health benefits that includes stimulating hair growth, improving blood circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, relieving tension from the muscle and more. One can even incorporate a head massager for additional benefits.  

Whether you are visiting a spa to get a professional massage or asking a loved one to give you a relaxing session, there are many factors that lead to a beneficial head massage. Right from setting the perfect environment to using the best head massage techniques, we will give you tips on how to ace a perfect head massage. 

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Step 1: Environment is Everything 

You are likely not going to enjoy a massage if the environment is cluttered and noisy and if there are too many distractions. Hence, to get the environment right is of utmost importance. If you are getting a head massage done at home, make sure the lighting is dim and the temperature of the room is comfortable. Play some relaxing music or white noise or sounds of nature. Light some aromatic and soothing candles or a diffuser that will help calm your nerves. You either need to lie down or sit in a comfortable chair to be completely relaxed. Make sure the person giving the massage is aware of the head massage pressure points and is not too rough. 

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Step 2: Loosen the Locks 

You do not want your hair up in a tight bun or a braid when you are getting ready for a head massage. Let your mane loose for the masseuse’s fingers to move freely across your scalp. Detangle your hair prior to avoid any sort of tension created by the knots during the massage. Remove any type of jewellery that will also get in the way. 

head massager woman back

Step 3: Shoulders for Starters 

Any professional masseuse will never dive straight to the head during a massage. Starting with shoulders first will familiarise you with the pressure. It will also help release the tension in the shoulder muscles and help you loosen and relax for a rejuvenating head massage. Apply optimum pressure using your finger tips and heels of your palms. You can even use kneading motion on your shoulders. If you are using any oils, warm it up in between the palms and then start with the massage.   

head massager woman neck

Step 4: Next, the Neck 

Moving up towards the neck, the pressure needs to be gentle since the back of the neck is really sensitive. Since the nape of the neck is prone to most tension, hold the pressure for an extra couple of seconds. Work in circular motions using the tips of your fingers or thumb. 

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Step 5: Final Destination: The Head 

Apply oil on your scalp in small quantities before starting the massage. Since massaging on the head will give you a lot of space, use both palms and fingers to cover the whole head. You can start from the nape of the neck and slowly move upwards towards the crown. You can even use a scalp massager if you like. Moving from the crown, go to the forehead and then the temples and build pressure in circular motions. Repeat the process a couple of times for at least 5-7 minutes. 

head massager woman ears

Step 6: Special Touches 

Don’t just limit the process of massage to shoulders, neck and head. Run the fingers behind ear lobes and gently massage the lobes in circular motions. Also, moving from temple, gently press the fingers on the eyes for further relaxation. Let the masseuse know in advance if you like gentle hair pulls. Make sure you do not leave the head alone for long. Balance the massage between the head and other parts. 

Step 7: The Perfect Finish 

Do not stop the massage abruptly in between as it can disturb the relaxation process. Instead, slowly reduce the intensity of the movements. Also, make sure that you are gradually moving from one part of the head to another. If you are getting the head massage done at home, wash your hair afterwards with Tresemme Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is infused with a hydrating marine minerals complex and essential nutrients that will leave your hair, moisturised, conditioned and tangle-free. After shampoo and conditioner, apply Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum on damp or dry hair evenly, avoiding the roots. The serum is infused with the goodness of camellia oil which nourishes and strengthens your hair and helps in controlling frizz for as long as up to three days.  

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Which oil to use? 

Although you can proceed with a head massage without any oils, there are multiple benefits of adding oil during the massage. Oil head massage can soothe capillaries and facilitate blood circulation. Since stress leads to hair fall, oil massage can boost hair growth. We recommend Indulekha Bringha Oil. This 100% ayurvedic oil is enriched with bringharaj and 10 other herbs which help in new hair growth and reduces hair fall. Below, we offer some more options of oils that you can try and that are suitable for your hair type.  

India’s infamous: Coconut Oil 

Good old coconut oil has been a childhood household staple for many of us. For years coconut oil has been referred to as the solution to all skin and hair-related problems. It has numerous health benefits as well. But it has its ups and downs. Always opt for cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. It helps lock in hydration and cleanse the scalp by removing build-up. But for dry and coarse hair, coconut oil can block moisture and damage the hair further by causing split ends. Coconut oil can also help tame curly hair if used in small amounts. Over-saturating your curls with coconut oil, can lead to weighed-down and limp curls. It will be a trial-and-error process till you actually figure out what works for you. 

The unfailing drops: Almond Oil 

Almond oil consists of vitamin E, magnesium and potassium – it is an anti-bacterial, plus it’s beneficial for those dealing with dandruff. It is also rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium and zinc which help prevent hair loss and improve the strength of the hair. The potential downside to using almond oil is for people who are allergic to nuts. Also, never put pure almond oil on the hair before heat styling, as it will heat up around the hair follicle and burn the scalp or the hair shaft.  

From the kitchen to your massage bed: Olive Oil 

Although olive oil is widely-used in the kitchen, it works wonders to maintain your beautiful locks. Since olive oil is a monosaturated fat, it can easily be absorbed by the hair and further can trap moisture in individual strands. It can also prevent damage as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. But one should be wary if they are prone to acne, especially on the back, since olive oil can clog pores if your hair is long enough. Olive oil can also weigh down thin hair and works best on curly hair. 

FAQs: How to do a Perfect Head Massage 

Q. How often should one get a head massage done? 

A. You can massage your head daily. But if you want to treat your scalp and hair with an oil massage, you can do it once to two times a week. 

Q. Does a scalp massager help with hair growth? 

A. It is not scientifically proven that a scalp massager can lead to hair growth. However, the massager can stimulate the follicles and increase the blood flow thus creating a healthier environment for hair growth. 

Q. Can you do a head massage with essential oils? 

A. Essential oils like jojoba oil and peppermint work wonders for hair growth and to reduce hair fall. But since they are highly concentrated, always mix them in small amounts with a carrier oil before massaging them onto the scalp.