Scarf Hairstyles For Curly Hair: 5 Top Options

Written by Team BBJan 31, 2023
Scarf Hairstyles for Curly Hair: 5 Top Options

Hairstyles with headscarves are the rising trend! Do you want to know, how to style them with your curly hair? See the TOP-5 variants from 1950s hairstyles with scarf, and elegant turbans to effortless looks with headbands, or bandanas

Scarf Hairstyles for Curly Hair: The Basics  

Scarf hairstyles are the best match with curly hair — want to know why? If you find your locks a bit unruly, you can just add this accessory to get a more put together look. Silk scarf hairstyles for natural hair, or wavy and porous hair help to reduce frizz, make your tresses smoother, and shinier.  

retro hairstyle with scarf curls woman long top knot

But before that, prepare your curly hair with a moisturising routine to make the best of each new hairstyle you try.  

  • You can start with the Dove Beautiful Curls Sulphate Free Shampoo with specially crafted formula to take care of natural textures. Infused with not only aloe vera but also glycerine and shea butter, this trinity of curl-loving ingredients helps to remove any build-up and grime all the while moisturising your locks. And as the name gives it away, it is free of harsh chemicals so no more frizz, dryness or losing vibrancy of coloured hair.  
  • As for untangling your curls and avoiding frizz, try its conditioner counterpart, Dove Beautiful Curls Detangling Conditioner with added coconut oil. It is made for this very reason as it easily frees knots while giving curly hair extra hydration to easily comb it and avoid breakage. 
  • Finish your routine with the Dove Beautiful Curls Defining Gel to end up with perfect curls that are soft and well-defined. It uses the same tri-moisture essence and can be applied on your curls after washing to get a salon-finish, moisturised, and radiant hair. And it is worth repeating that it is devoid of alcohol and any other harsh stuff that would dry out your hair. 

Now you are ready for vintage hairstyles with scarf that give trendy and elegant retro vibe to your curls. Check out BB editor’s favourite picks below. 

Scarf Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Top 5   

These hairstyles with scarf headbands are the best for curls in summer and rainy season, for parties, and casual looks. Scarf hairstyles for short natural hair, long waves, and medium length are easy to create yet always look elegant.

retro hairstyle with scarf curls woman long top knot

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1. Scarf with Bun 

Buns and head scarf hairstyles are a perfect combo for medium to long curly, wavy, or coily hair. It’s not just a beauty accessory but also a scarf adds an extra hold to your hairdo, and makes it long-lasting. 

How to   

Just do your favourite high or low bun, fix it with a scrunchie, then wrap your headscarf around the scrunchie, and tie. Fix your scarf with a few hairpins, so it won’t slide down. Loosen strands around your face to get a more effortless look. 

retro hairstyle with scarf curls woman long top knot


2. Pineapple Hairstyle with Scarf 

Pineapple hairstyles are so much popular for curly and natural hair, and you can always add a headscarf to them to protect your hair during summer, or just vary your favourite style. 

How to   

To make a pineapple hairdo, you need to create a ponytail on the top of your head, wrap it with the scrunchie, and basically that’s it. Natural curls will just flow down on your forehead, and give a desirable volume to this hairstyle. If you wrap the back of your head with a scarf, and tie ends under your pineapple pony, would look even better! 

retro hairstyle with scarf curls woman long top knot


3. The Headband 

A bandana hairdo, or retro hairstyle with scarf, tied like a headband above your forehead, — these looks are timeless and can be created for any hair type and length. For those with curly hair, a headscarf will tame your frizzy hair around face, add smoothness, elegance, and a retro vibe. 

How to   

Fold your scarf like a tape, put it under your hair, then tie on your forehead, or vice versa. To wear bandana, you may fold it in a half to get a triangle, cover your forehead, and then hide a knot under your hair. You can also take a long narrow headscarf, tie it at the back of the head, and leave the ends of the scarf loose to get this retro hairstyle with scarf, Bollywood inspired. 

retro hairstyle with scarf curls woman long top knot

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4. Turban Scarf Style 

Turban hairstyles are comfy and chick, especially for summer. Depending on your scarf style, you can create whether party looks, or beach hairstyles with scarf, wrapped like a turban. 

How to   

Remember how you wrapping your towel around head after hair wash? That’s how you do a turban. Make a high ponytail, cover the back of your head with a scarf, then twist the ends in the front, and push the knot under the cloth. You can also fix it with a few hairpins. Afterall, loosen a few strands around your face at will. 

retro hairstyle with scarf curls woman long top knot

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5. Pretty Pony with Scarf 

That’s one of the simplest scarf hairstyles for long hair and medium length. If your hair is curly or straight, a headscarf will upgrade your usual boring pony to the next level. 

How to   

Create a high or low ponytail, then wrap your headscarf around the scrunchie, tie, and fix with a hairpin. You can also make a top knot this way, as well as any other half up hairdo. If you want to try something a bit more complicated, learn how to tie a scarf braid

FAQs about Scarf Hairstyles for Curly Hair  

What are the best scarf hairstyles for short hair? 

Hairstyles for short hair are less various than for long hair, but headscarves really help to increase your options. Need proofs? Check the BB editor’s ideas on scarf hairstyles for short hair

Can I try scarf hairstyles with box braids? 

Sure, all the hairstyles mentioned above are matching with box braids. Discover more ideas to transform your braided hairstyle

What are the pin up scarf hairstyles? 

40s or 50s scarf hairstyles are called pin up updos, and most of them represent a beehive style with a comb over the forehead, and a high chignon. If you add a headscarf to each of them, you will achieve that retro look easily.  

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