If you are someone who’s always abreast with the new trends, you’d know that 2021 is going to be the year of throwbacks, with major trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s making a huge comeback. And one such hair trend that’s expected to be totally huge throughout 2021 is the shag haircut.

A major haircut trend in the 70s, the shag haircut is characterised by choppy ends and oodles of texture on the crown area. This is the perfect haircut for girls with thin and fine hair who are always on the lookout for some extra volume. But do you know the best part about this haircut? Not only does it look super trendy but is super low maintenance too, making it a perfect choice for lazy girls.

Wanna hop onto the bandwagon? Here are five shag haircut ideas to get you started.


01. Layered shag

Layered shag

Image courtesy: @stylist_kim_costa

Perfect for medium length hair, we love how soft and feminine this layered shag haircut looks. The layered ends add so much volume, making it the best hairstyle for girls with thin hair. Add a few streaks of highlights from mid-length to the ends for depth and dimension.


02. French bob shag

French bob shag

Image courtesy: @cultandking

For those of you who prefer shorter hairstyles, this stunning French bob shag with curtain bangs is an ideal choice. The effortless and messy vibe of this haircut makes it really easy to style, while the curtain bangs and chin-length will help frame your face beautifully.


03. Mullet-shag


Image courtesy: @salsalhair

Mullet shag is the perfect amalgamation of two popular yesteryear hairstyles, and we must say, we are in love! Although this haircut could be a little edgy, it is effortless to carry and looks great on all hair lengths when styled right.


04. Curly shag

Curly shag

Image courtesy: @Marie Claire

If you feel like shag haircuts don’t look good on curly hair, allow Zendaya to prove you wrong. This curly shag haircut with those cute bangs makes for a really flattering face-framing haircut. Plus, this hairdo’s naturally layered style ensures that your curls look nice and bouncy most of the time.


05. Pixie shag

Pixie shag

Image courtesy: @bishwithbangs

Yes, a shag haircut looks just as flattering on super short pixie hairstyles as it does on longer hair lengths. If you have fine, straight hair, ensure that you add many uneven layers along with a combination of strategic highlights and lowlights to your shag haircut to prevent the cut from looking flat.

Main image courtesy: @TheTrendSpotter and @WhoWhatWear on Pinterest