5 Super Cute Braided Hairstyles For Girls With Short Hair

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 super cute braided hairstyles for girls with short hair

If you think that those with short hair cannot sport braids, then girl, you are wrong! Braids are a super versatile hairstyle that manages to look stunning on people with all hair lengths. Yes, that includes short hair too. All you need is some creativity and the right hairstyling inspiration.

To help you get a little more creative with styling short hair, we have curated five super cute ways in which you can braid short hair. Irrespective of whether your style is cute, sexy or edgy, you are going to fall in love with these hairstyles. Excited? Read on…


01. Inverted half-up French braid

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @goldenmoods

This inverted half-up French braid is so fresh and unique, don’t you think? It not only looks classy but is perfect to keep your hair out of your face, while still looking uber stylish. Pair this hairstyle with a cute floral dress for a brunch date with your girlies or wear it with a lehenga for your sister’s roka; either way, you are bound to steal the show.


02. Braided ponytail

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @goldenmoods

If you have a long bob, you should try this braided ponytail hairstyle. Start with a simple three-strand braid until you reach the nape of your neck, secure it with an elastic and let the rest of your hair loose. Add a few accessories to help amp it up, and you’re ready to slay!


03. Boxer braids

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @Love Hairstyles on Pinterest

For those of you looking for a stylish yet functional hairdo, look no further than boxer braids for short hair. Perfect for all your gym and workout needs, this is a super cute yet edgy hairstyle. Pair them with your athleisure outfits or with a simple tee and denim for a casual chic vibe.


04. Faux undercut

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @Buzz landings on Pinterest

Another edgy braided hairstyle for girls with short hair that we’re digging is the faux undercut. This hairstyle manages to look equal parts classy and experimental, and that’s something we love. The best part about this hairstyle is that if paired right, it looks amazing with both Indian as well as western outfits.


05. Messy side braid

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @Emi Styles Bridal Hair Styling on Pinterest

If you are a fan of the messy braided hairstyles for long hair, then here’s a short hair version of it you need to try ASAP. Everything about this hairstyle, right from the unstructured cute braid to the messy, wavy hair gives out an effortless vibe that is super classy and sophisticated.


06. Dutch braid pigtails

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @elbellabeauty

If you don’t want to go the regular braid route, then this hairstyle is for you! Combining dutch braid with pigtails, this is an uber cute style for a casual evening or a fun day out! Don’t worry if your hair is super short or thin; this braid works well as it requires less hair. Plus, these pigtails won’t give you a schoolgirl look; instead, they’ll look super cool!


07. Waterfall braid

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @allthebeautifulthingsbylena

If you love braids but do not have the patience for intricate ones, then this elegant braid style is just the one for you! One of the most popular braiding styles for long hair, waterfall braids look just as amazing on short hair as well. They impart a very soft look, and if you have naturally wavy hair, this braid is perfect for your tresses


08. Halo braid

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @sophie_everydayhair

Tired of keeping your hair open? Well, then the halo braid is the prettiest solution you could ever find! In this hairstyle, all your hair will be braided around the head, keeping all of it tied. If this looks complicated to you, let us simplify it a bit. Begin by first braiding two Dutch braids criss-cross at the forehead and then run them towards the back. Hide the ends and fix the hair with bobby pins.


09. Crown braid

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @braidsby_emilydrew

If it’s an evening out and you need an elegant hairdo for your gown, then the crown braid is a super feminine style that’ll complement your outfit. It’s one of those braids that looks pretty without requiring much effort. Moreover, you can pair this braid just as easily with dresses and casual outfits.


10. Milkmaid braid

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @thisislaurendavis

The milkmaid braid is one of the most beautiful and intricate hairdos that’s not only pretty but also looks super sophisticated. It’s perfect for weddings and formal events, as it looks super elegant. To add a fairytale touch to the braid, use some flowers or other hair accessories and take the hairdo a notch higher!


11. Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Sleek twisted half-up hairstyle

Image courtesy: @nurturesalonandspa

Is minimal style your cup of tea? If yes, then this braided hairstyle fits the bill perfectly. Requiring minimal braiding, this half-up half-down style is elegant and takes just a few minutes to prep! Whether you have naturally wavy or straight hair, this hairdo will look fabulous on both.

Main image courtesy: @Buzz landings on Pinterest and @goldenmoods on Instagram

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