Deciding to go chop chop is as big a decision as marriage (no kidding!). If you’re a girl who loves her long tresses, you’ll know how scary one giant snip can be. And imagine coming home to a short haircut that just doesn’t suit your face shape. DAMN! Lost hair…and confidence. *tch tch*

Well, gone are the days of trial and error! We discovered an easy-peasy hack that’ll instantly tell you whether a bob cut will suit your face shape. All you need is a pencil and scale. Yes, you read that right!

Find out if a bob haircut will suit you

The hack

Working a bob cut is all about the proportions and dimensions of your face shape and how they work in harmony with the angles of your new haircut. In this particular trick, it is the angle of your jaw that makes all the difference!

Firstly, sit on a chair comfortably or stand in front of a mirror, whatever you prefer. Then, take a pencil and hold it horizontally along the tip of your chin. Next, take a scale and hold it vertically from the bottom of your earlobe. The meeting point of your pencil and scale should ideally fall into a right angle. This is an indication that you’re going in the right direction!

You now have to measure the intersection where the two tools meet. If the pencil hits the scale at 2.25 inches or less, then congratulations, you (your face shape rather) are an ideal candidate for a bob cut. Anything more than 2.25 inches means you should put the scissors down RN!

However, if you really wish to sport a trendy short do, then it’s best you try a long bob or lob, like Selena Gomez and Yami Gautam.