Listen Up, Girls With Curls! Wanna Know What Haircut Best Suits Your Face Shape?

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Listen up, girls with curls! Wanna know what haircut best suits your face shape?

Curly haired girls, listen up! We do not want you to stress, each time you go to the salon to get your hair cut. Curly hair tends to have a lot of volume and personality. So instead of fighting it, work with the bounce your hair offers and show it off to your maximum advantage. The one golden rule of getting curly hair cut is to get layers. This will show off your curls and add movement to your hair.

That said, we have laid out some guidelines for you to follow when you get your curly hair cut according to your face shape...


When you have a round face shape

When you have an oval face shape

  • You want to add length to the face and minimise the width, so opt for haircuts that have shorter layers at the crown that can add height.
  • You could have a few face-framing strands or layers that fall to the sides of your cheeks, thus giving your face a more streamlined effect.
  • If you want to keep your hair long, go for layers that start below your chin and taper towards the ends.
  • A good option to switch your hairstyle is to take a centre partition, and show your forehead, and have the layers fall to either sides of your face.


When you have a square face shape

When you have an oval face shape

  • The idea is to get a haircut that softens the angular features of your face. So a centre partition will suit you very well.
  • Get layers that fall around your cheeks and jaw line, as this will nicely cover up the square jawline.
  • Angled fringes will look good on you, as they create height at the centre of the forehead.
  • Uniform layers at the back and sides will add the illusion of roundness to your features.


When you have an oval face shape

When you have an oval face shape

  • Since your face is closer to being symmetrical, you can experiment with a host of hair lengths.
  • A short, layered bob works well as well as a longer, layered cut will suit your face shape. Decide what length you want based on the overall length and facial features.
  • You could also opt for side swept fringes.

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