FYI, the secret to a great haircut is simple: just assess your face shape and pick a flattering style accordingly! However, that is easier said than done, especially for people with round faces, whose hair appointments end in disappointment more often than not. Why does this happen? Most times, it is because you fail to understand the specific requirements of your unique face shape. It helps to be more informed about the trendy haircuts that will suit your round face shape. Once you have that covered, all you need to do is take your hair texture into consideration and you are golden. Let us get you started with this list of trendy haircuts for round faces, starting with how to go about recognising the requirements for your round face.

haircuts for round faces

Either you are looking for a new, flattering cut or want an upgrade on an already existing haircut, here are the trendy styles that you should consider. From classic, flattering cuts to edgy styles that might push the boundaries of your comfort zone a bit, these haircuts will get your interest up and running.


1. Long pixie haircut

Long pixie haircut

Image courtesy: @naracadiff

A longer version of the classic pixie cut, this haircut stays shorter at the back and sides but gets a bit longer in the front with long, side-swept bangs. While the long pixie adds length to the face, the side-swept bangs make it more angular on the whole.


2. A-line bob haircut

A-line bob haircut

Image courtesy: @misahara5

The classic bob haircut needs an upgrade for round faces - long at the front and short at the back. This angled haircut consists of a long, chin-sweeping layer in the front and a short, structured cut in the back. The sleek A-line of the bob balances out the soft roundness of your face and makes it look slimmer.


3. Long, layered haircut

Long, layered haircut

Image courtesy: @chrisriosbeauty

Long, layered haircuts are the OG Bollywood 90s glam look! This haircut is also very versatile and suits all hair textures. For round faces, long layers can draw the focus downwards and make your round face look longer.


4. Short bob haircut

Short bob haircut

Image courtesy: @luanahair

Not every hairstyle for a round face is about adding length. The chin-length bob is a classy cut that perfectly frames a long face. It is adorable, cute and matches the charm of soft and round faces. Go for a blunt bob to keep it simple and easy to style for an everyday look.


5. Curtain fringes haircut

Curtain fringes haircut

Image courtesy: @karl_hairstylist

There is a reason why curtain fringes got so popular in 2020 - they are the best way to style round-shaped faces! The usual short blunt fringe emphasises the roundness of your face and makes you look a bit frumpy. But the long, wispy curtain fringe lengthens your face. An added plus? It is a great cut to add some volume to fine hair!


6. Shaggy lob haircut

Shaggy lob haircut

Image courtesy: @timm.morrison

Combining two trendy cuts in one, the shaggy lob has become the go-to style for street style lovers. The asymmetrical layers of this haircut take the roundness away from your face and the shaggy waves do a great job at adding dynamic character to a round face structure.


7. Medium one-length cut

Medium one-length cut

Image courtesy: @sonnycalihair

The one-length haircut still remains a niche style because of the misconception that is difficult to style. But when cut till mid-lengths, this style will give depth to your round face, especially if you are not so keen on getting layers or steps put in. Make sure to leave the length about two to three inches below your jawline and style with a centre part to streamline your round face from both sides.


8. Undercut haircut

Undercut haircut

Image courtesy: @rachelhairwford

Initially sported by B-boys, the undercut is an edgy haircut you can try, to add structure to a round face. The undercut for women is done by buzz cutting the hair around the back and sides of your head and keeping it longer at the top. A hidden undercut is easier to style, giving you all the drama of a fun haircut while keeping it super simple to style.


9. Faux Hawk haircut

Faux Hawk haircut

Image courtesy: @rubyrose

A very obvious cut that will easily elongate your round face and add height to balance the roundness is the faux hawk. The second step while growing out a pixie, this haircut will fulfill all your rock ‘n' roll dreams!


Hairstyling tips for round faces

Hairstyling tips for round faces

Image courtesy: @patidubroff

1) While choosing a style for a round face, make sure to pick one that elongates your face. Anything that adds height to the top of your head will add length to your face.

2) When adding curls to your hair, opt for loose ringlets. Tight curls will add to the width of your face and add to its roundness.

3) Avoid hairstyles that pull all your hair away from your face and accentuate its roundness. So instead of ponytails, opt for face-framing tendrils for your day-to-day look.

4) When styling short hair for a round face, make sure to backcomb at the crown and add some volume to the top of your head. This will give your face the illusion of being longer than it naturally is.


FAQs about haircuts for round face

FAQs about haircuts for round face

Q. Which hair length best suits round faces?

A. Round faces can rock any hair length, granted it is cut and styled in the right way. For instance, tapered ends can add structure to round faces. Also, adding a little volume at the crown will lengthen your face and give it a slimmer look.

Q. Where should you part your hair for a round face?

A. The most flattering partition for a round face is the middle or deep side part. Parting your hair in sleek lines will give the illusion of a long face and add some symmetry around it.

Q. How do I know if short hair will suit my round face?

A. Use this simple hack to see if a short bob will suit you: stand in front of a mirror with a pencil and a ruler. Looking straight into the mirror, place the pencil horizontally under your chin. Then, take the ruler and place it under your ear vertically and measure the distance between the tip of your ear to the pencil. Lesser than 2.25 inches and short hair should look great on you, otherwise, stick to longer haircuts.

Main image courtesy: @priyankachopra, hungvanngo