Hairstyles come and go every week but only a few stand the test of time. One of those eternal favourites is the feather haircut. One of the earliest celebrity spottings of this haircut was on the evergreen stars of Hollywood like Lisa Rinna. A variation of it was even seen as ‘The Rachel’, which was Rachel Green of Friends’ trademark layered hairstyle. Closer home, Bollywood celebrities Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor have been spotted with longer versions of the ‘do. Whether you have a short hair length or a long one, there’s a feather cut for you. Find out how to get the haircut based on your hair length and the right way to style it now!

feather cut hairstyles short length hair

When you have hair of a short length and want a look that’s edgy as ever, opt for a feathered shag cut. Taking inspiration from Michelle Dockery, Ginnifer Goodwin and Rihanna, give your hair either a delicate flair or grunge vibe with this hairstyle.

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feather cut hairstyles for mid length hair

When you have mid-length hair and are looking for a change, the feather cut is what you should choose. The look can range from a layered lob to an asymmetrical shoulder-grazing crop. For this, take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez and Tina Fey which will make you go ga-ga over the classic haircut.

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feather cut layered hairstyle long hair

For the ladies with the long hair, the feather cut is a no-brainer. A variation of the hairstyle is the layered hairstyle which has grown so popular in recent times. Look to Kendall Jenner, Penelope Cruz and Joan Smalls for just the feather cut inspiration your long locks need.

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