When it comes to planning a wedding, there are just so many things that you need to take care of. From the outfit, venue and décor to the invitations and vendor appointments, this time can be really stressful. But there’s another area that though extremely important, can end up giving brides-to-be a lot of stress. If you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about your hairstyles. This is especially true if you are someone who has curly hair. This is because curly-haired girls think that there are very few ways to style curly hair and letting your natural curls show through on a day as important as your wedding sounds scary to them. But it’s time to break out of this mindset. With a little pre-wedding hair care and choosing the right hairstyle, curly hair can look drop-dead gorgeous. If you don’t believe us, then lucky for you, we are armed with proof! Scroll down for a list of eight gorgeous bridal hairstyles for curly hair that you must totally consider recreating for your wedding. From floral buns to long flowy braids, there’s something in here for everyone. So, go ahead and take your pick!

Pre-wedding curly hair care checklist

Before we look at hairstyles, it is really important to understand that curly hair takes a lot of care. If you want to wear your natural hair for your wedding, you need to pamper it regularly. If you are wondering how to do that, then read on for some tips on how to indulge curly hair so it looks naturally healthy and bouncy on the day of your wedding!


1. Rolled bun

1. Rolled bun

Image courtesy: @curlyupdos

Here’s the perfect twist to the good ol’ bun and we totally think you ought to wear this hairstyle for your cocktail party. The simple twist-and-roll pattern of this hairstyle provides a lot of dimension and texture to an otherwise simple hairstyle. The addition of the gold floral hairpin lends this bun a much more contemporary and festive vibe.


2. Braided half-up half-down

02. Braided half-up half-down

Image courtesy: @claudiasalarismakeup

Looking for a way to flaunt your gorgeous curls, but still, want to keep things neat and edgy? Then here’s a braided half-up half-down hairstyle for curly hair that you can opt for your haldi or mehendi. The Dutch braided front and twisted sides strike the perfect balance between elegance and playful edginess, while the minimally ornate broach helps tie everything together quite gracefully.


3. Side-swept open curls

03. Side-swept open curls

Image courtesy:@kaleysue_hair

For those of you who love your curls and would love an opportunity to flaunt them in their full glory, take a look at this side-swept open hairdo right here. Even though this hairstyle may involve quite some pre-wedding hair care, it’s going to be so worth it! Apply a little anti-frizz shine serum to give your curls a glossy, healthy finish; it will look great in pictures!


4. Messy updo

04. Messy updo

Image courtesy: @ShaadiSaga on Pinterest

The best thing about having curly hair is all the natural texture and volume, don’t you agree!? And recreating this voluminous messy updo would be smartly playing to your hair’s strengths. The messy textured front and pinned-up hair at the back, coupled with those effortlessly loose fringes, give this look a very sexy vibe.


5. Mid-parted sleek bun

5. Mid-parted sleek bun

Image courtesy: @kanganaranaut

Just because you have curly hair, don’t think that you can’t flaunt the Anushka Sharma style mid-parted sleek bun for your wedding. This elegant sleek bun and the floral crown around it gives off a beautiful timeless appeal. While the sleek texture of the hairstyle allows you to flaunt your hair accessories and jewellery beautifully.


6. Curly bun

6. Curly bun

Image courtesy: @taapsee

A traditional hairstyle that we really love, and one, that we think can totally elevate just about any bridal outfit, is the traditional curly bun. The simplicity of this hairstyle makes the beautiful texture of your curls stand out, while still ensuring they look tame and well-conditioned. Additionally, the simple orange flowers further add to the classic feminine appearance, all in all making this a total stunner!


7. Loose boho vibes

7. Loose boho vibes

Image courtesy: @Easy Weddings on Pinterest

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for an outdoor or beach wedding, then here’s one we totally love! The perfect-looking curls tied in an almost undone loose ponytail is the perfect way to flaunt your curls without dealing with all the natural volume. Additionally, since the hair is tied at the bottom, but still is loose, this hairstyle looks a lot more elegant overall.


8. Floral tiara

8. Floral tiara

Image courtesy: @Soho Style Official on Pinterest

If you would like a hairstyle that falls in the category of being super trendy, yet very elegant, then this one will surely fit the bill. We like how the shape and natural texture of the curls are left totally intact, giving this hairstyle a raw and earthy appearance. On the other hand, the dreamy feel of the floral tiara combines everything to give bridal and elegant feels. A big thumbs up from our side!

Main image courtesy: @taapsee