Zayn Malik is a name that needs no introduction. From his days as a One Directioner to his current status as a solo artist, he’s been the heartthrob to millions of fans worldwide. He’s also the other half of celebrity couple ZiGi with supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid and hairstyle icon for young boys everywhere. At 24, Zayn Malik is a chameleon who has transformed between crops and colours so here’s a look at his exciting hair evolution in 10 pictures.

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zayn malik hairstyle

Back in 2011, when One Direction found fame as runner’s up on The X Factor; a fresh faced Zayn Malik was thrust into the spotlight. Keeping in sync with his chocolate boy image, Zayn wore his hair neat on the sides with a quiff on the top and light stubble.

zayn malik undercut hairstyle

As 1D began the climb to stardom and Zayn’s fan following grew, he gave his hairstyle a trendy touch. On an undercut hairstyle, he sported blonde streaks and kept his face bare.

zayn malik boy band hairstyle

In what could be termed as the trademark boy band hairstyle, Zayn stepped out with a floppy mass of side-swept hair and a 5’o clock shadow. Except for the grungy beard, it was reminiscent of Beiber’s hairdo when he found fame with Baby.

zayn malik short hair in spikes

When One Direction reached the peak of their success, Zayn Malik’s look took a mature, refined turn. For an appearance, he wore his short hair in spikes and paired it with cropped sides and a beard.

zayn malik messy ponytail hairstyle

It wasn’t just short hair that Zayn experimented with; Long locks had their tryst with him too. On a casual sighting, he pulled back his slick hair with a metal hairband, tied it into a messy ponytail and went for a full beard and moustache.

zayn malik mid length hair

Months later, Zayn Malik arrived at an event with his mid-length hair in a suave avatar. He slicked it back with a single loose section in front. To keep focus on his dapper ‘do, Zayn kept his beard and moustache groomed and minimal.

zayn malik undercut fade

Post 1D, when Zayn began his career as a solo music artist, his hairstyle too underwent a drastic transformation. One of his first looks was a daring man bun with an Undercut fade and a patchy beard. It’s safe to say that this look only increased his fan following!

zayn malik beard look

If you thought that hairstyle was daring, you’ve seen nothing yet! On the front row of a fashion row, Zayn was seen with a barely there shaved head in platinum blonde and his signature beard look. Stylish as ever for a fashion show, we like!

zayn malik shaved side look

His relationship with the stylish Gigi Hadid rubbed off on him enough to experiment with his locks even further. A few months in, Zayn was seen in his favourite shaved sides and full quiff but this time, in a rose gold colour. No one except Zayn could pull off this look!

zayn malik in  mid length hair

In 2017, Zayn barely looked like the young teenager who found fame at 14. His hairstyle had transformed yet again with mid-length hair, a full grown beard and moustache. We can’t wait to see what lies in store for Zayn’s style!

Image Credits: Promi Magazine, Mirror, Ocean up, Unreality TV, Twitter, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Pinterest