While it may be surprising to some, the world of men’s hair is going through a revolution. A style revolution, that is. Men are becoming more fashion conscious and experimenting a whole lot too! They’re super comfy experimenting in the hair department and this season there’s one particular do that’s topped the men’s hairstyle charts the world over…

undercut fade hairstyle

The undercut fade hairstyle has quickly grown in popularity over the last couple of months. Whether at a coffee shop or in a business meeting, in queues or cinemas or clubs, you’ve definitely spotted this trendy ‘do all over.

The trend emerged across catwalks a few seasons ago and was quickly adopted by young starlets like Zayn Malik, Joe Jonas and Justin Beiber. Not to be left behind, Bollywood followed suit with Arjun Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor jumping on the undercut brigade.

undercut fade mens hairstyle

The crux of the dapper hairdo lies in the skin fade sides, whose gradation moves from short to long as it progresses upwards. The longer length at the top of the head is styled in numerous ways from a top knot to a pompadour. Across all of these choices, the most popular is a sculpted, brushed out top.

tigi bedhead pure texture molding paste

In case you want to give this a shot, instruct your hairstylist to shave the sides in a gradation fashion going from short to long as you move upwards. The upper section of the hair is merely to be trimmed with the ends slightly uneven.

To style it, the trick is to use the TIGI BedHead Pure Texture Molding Paste. This molding paste is high on texture and will keep humidity at bay. Work it through wet hair and sweep it sideways for an effortless charm. Its Caranauba Wax and Styling Agent laden formula will support your hair to perfection, all with a matte finish!