Bored Of Doing Squats And Sit-Ups? Here Are 5 Dancercises To Try Instead

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Bored of doing squats and sit-ups? Here are 5 dancercises to try instead

Whether you miss working out at the gym or fear you won’t fit into your favourite pair of jeans once this lockdown ends, it is essential to stay active and fit while you are safe at home.

We know you don’t have gym equipment to do your regular workout but that doesn’t mean squats, planks and sit-ups are your only options. Because who said working out at home should be boring? Have you heard of ‘dancercise’ or dance exercise? We think exercising should be more fun and less painful, that’s why we’ve found these five dance exercise techniques to help you dance your way to a fitter body by the end of this lockdown.


1. Aerobic dance

Latin dance workout

Aerobics is a fast pace dancing style, so don’t forget to warm up before jump-starting this dance exercising technique. If you were blaming this lockdown for ruining your summer body plans, now you can’t because aerobic dance workout helps you lose weight as well as build body muscle. This aerobics inspiration from Bipasha Basu will help you get started.


2. Zumba

Latin dance workout

For those of you who have tried Zumba, you’d know it is so much fun that you forget you are actually exercising. This dance exercise is perfect for the lockdown period because it focuses on different muscle groups and tones your entire body. Use this Zumba workout exercise to release endorphins which sends happy and positive feelings throughout the body.


3. Cardio dance

Latin dance workout

It’s sweaty but it’s also fun! And even if you have never tried it before, don’t worry; it doesn’t require complex choreography or dance moves. All you got to do is click on this cardio dance video to get started!


4. Bollywood dance workout

Latin dance workout

I love dancing to Bollywood songs; Desi Girl plays in the background as I write this. If you love grooving to some upbeat desi numbers, then this workout is definitely for you! This high-intensity dance workout will burn those extra calories and help relieve stress.


5. Latin dance workout

Latin dance workout

If Enrique’s Bailando gets your feet tapping each time you listen to it, then you may have a thing for Latin/Salsa dance workouts. Apart from a great sweat sesh, this dance workout technique improves balance and posture as well as boosts metabolism.

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