Indulge In A #Selfcaresunday With Find Your Happy Place

Written by Anushka ShahOct 14, 2022
Indulge in a #SelfcareSunday with Find Your Happy Place

Turn your Selfcare Sundays into an imaginative journey as you transport yourself to your dreamy place with scented, pampering products.  

Ladies, we know managing it all has always been an ordeal. The recipes, the bills and all those postponed coffees in the city, striking a balance only seems to be getting tougher. However, will you spend the week at your at-home desk or in office, kicking on those meetings and clocking in on those hours, don’t forget to make time for yourself. We mean, take yourself out to dinner or just lay back in doors and enjoy some TLC and there’s no better way to do it than with the newest self-care name on the racks, Find Your Happy Place.  

Doing what it says and saying what it does, this brand has helped me amp up by me-time, and being a sharer and a career, it is only fair for me to share this kiss of goodness with all my stressed and bustling folks. Afterall, we women don’t only need that me-time but tbh, deserve it!  

So, the next time you have a day to unload, indulge in a ritual - even if it’s just to learn simple skincare tips or self-care tips. And once you get a hang of it, we bet you’ll be tempted to make it a part of your regime. So, while you count the days until your next break day, we’ve listed out some unmatched Find Your Happy Place products to help you enjoy it? Scroll for ‘em all.  

simple skincare tips woman body mist

#SelfcareSundays – Explained  

By the books of relaxation, nothing does the trick like an A1 massage. After all, this self-care tip helps take off that burden on your shoulders and loosens those stress knots, quite literally. Choose a right day for this practice, we suggest the popular IG hashtag: Selfcare Sunday. Reserved for pampering, do the day justice by getting your hands on Find Your Happy Place’s undeniable shower gels and scrubs; the perfect unwinding companions. Once done, treat your skin to the luxe texture of their thin and alluring body butter that pleases the senses and deeply nourished the skin.  

Post this, don’t just doze off, light their scented candles (after all, mood is everything) and top the routine off with a fragrant body mist, so your skin is left, exfoliated, hydrated and scented – what's better? I mean, I am tempted and already counting the hours to my Sunday – that's enough excitement...isn’t it?  

simple skincare tips woman body mist

Top selfcare sunday pamper tips   

Take a shower 

It’s no secret that the shower is where we all get that complete me time. I mean, no phone calls, no calendar invite pings, no knocks, no nothing. Just you, your thoughts, some singing (if you’re one of them) and the most essential of them all is your cleansing pal; your bodywash. Being your bestie and self-care partner, I trust Find Your Happy Place’s Sunkissed Ocean Waves Shower Gel. Leaving you to be as fresh as a daisy, the delightful scent of sea salt and water blossom of, will make you feel like you’re the heroine of an old-school Hawaiin film. Free of harsh chemicals like sulphate, it this stellar body nourisher is loaded with shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E to deep cleanse your body while keeping it soft. Making your skin feel like a baby’s bottom and preparing it for compliments through the week, this product is already a part of my self-care arsenal.  

simple skincare tips woman body mist

Do a full body exfoliation 

Nothing feels exciting and uplifting like immediate results of feeling fresh and rejuvenated after a body exfoliation.  Scrubbing the week’s drabness away, this wowing process, picks up all those dead skin cells and grime. Plus, that’s not it this ultimate #iloveme task also detoxifies your skin – much needed after ticking off boxes from your to-dos. And when in self-care doubt, turn to Find Your Happy Place’s Wrapped In Your Arms Body Scrub. As the name suggests, the scrub gives you that embrace of goodness, exactly what you need while relaxing and rejuvenating.  

This gentle sea salt body scrub makes use of the soothing blush rose and raspberry fragrances to take you to your happy place – it really, is that divine. Plus, only to make the formula better it is paraben-free and is infused with a moisturizing blend of vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil; all the rights elements! So, get to the grind for you must know what awaits you – hydrating and exfoliating greatness that’s directly transports you to heaven.  

PS: This godly scrub can make your Monday morning feel like a Sunday afternoon too, try it out! 

simple skincare tips woman body mist

Give a self-massage 

The next simple skincare tip is to follow through with a calming massage for this routine normally does wonders for your tired body, but also eases your stressed out mind. There are studies that have reported that it actually helps reduce your mental stress including anxiety and depression. It becomes a safe space for you to unwind and truly understand yourself and how you can deal with your roadblocks. 

We’d suggest getting started with the Sunkissed Ocean Waves Souffle Body Butter. Once again, free of parabens and dyes to make sure your body only gets the best, massage your body with this soft and quick-absorbing body butter. Non-sticky and lightweight, imagine getting a body massage by the sea as you breathe in the scents of marine accord and orange peel along with sea salt and fresh water blossom.  

simple skincare tips woman body mist

Light a scented candle 

While you are pampering yourself, to get the full experience, follow through with this quick self-care tip by lighting a candle; the best way to amp the mood. There is some truth to relaxing at home with a calming scent surrounding you. It may not magically erase your problems, but it can help you take a break and just enjoy the moment and also help you sleep better. 

If you love floral fragrances like that of rose, raspberry, freesia and geranium, pull out a Wrapped In Your Arms Candle. Made of natural soy wax, it burns up to 30 hours so you can wholly focus on your rewinding session without constantly checking up on the candle. If you are one for blissful scents like that of the ocean and sea salt, light a Sunkissed Ocean Waves Candle without the worry of a lead wick ruining the smell.  

simple skincare tips woman body mist

End your session with a body mist 

Bid your Selfcare Sundays adieu by spraying a body mist to seal the experience. When you smell good you can also feel good as aromatherapy is known to bring your stress to a halt. Allow your mind to be feel relaxed with a scent that brings that tantalizing scent of a garden to you. I am talking about Find Your Happy Place’s rose-scented Wrapped In Your Arms Body Mist which is also infused with vitamin E to keep your skin soft. Allowing you to enjoy the long lasting scent without any parabens. This fine fragrance carries the charm of Selfcare Sundays into the new week – yes, it really does stay on for that long!  

FAQs on self care tips 

How can I practice self care everyday? 

Sometimes, it is the simplest things that matter. Drink water first thing in the morning or randomly break into song and dance. Basically, do something that you enjoy or for your body, to break from your usual routine.  

How do I start with basic self care? 

You said it — basic self care includes basic activities. All it takes is simple tasks like drinking enough water, sleeping on time, eating right or putting yourself first when someone asks for something irrational.  

What is self care? 

Self care is changing your routine to create a balanced life you like and wouldn’t try to escape when things get hard.  

Put yourself first with these  self care tips. From bathing where you actively take care of yourself to unwinding by imagining yourself in your happy place, perfect your Selfcare Sundays!  

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