With fickle work hours and the ongoing lockdown, it can often feel overwhelming to try and reach a fitness goal. Physical fitness can take a hit on the list of priorities at times like these. The fact that most of us don't discipline ourselves while working from home is also a contributing factor. It is so important to set your working hours and not give in to the temptation to procrastinate because you can always "do it later". What this does is keep us in a 'work mode' frame of mind and affects other things we might want to do during the day; like put in at least 30 minutes worth of workout!

Until you put a workout routine in place (or on days when you feel swamped with work), these sit-down exercises can get those endorphins flowing. We picked out the ones that you can do in-between your work; without having to leave your seat or pause the current task at hand.


01. Arm stretches

Arm stretches

We tend to strain our arms, shoulders and neck the most while working on our laptops or desktops. Given that most of us don't have a proper workstation at home, our posture suffers the most. Stretch your arms to the top and the side every couple of hours; keep your back completely straight while doing it. This helps relieve tension in our back and shoulders; pumping fresh bouts of energy in our system.


02. Joint rotations

Joint rotations

Get the juices in your joints flowing while you work from home. Rotate your wrists and ankles in 10 reps every time you feel them cramping up. Make sure to do reverse rotations as well. This small move will keep your joints lubricated and flexible.


03. Clenches


Get those buns burning while sitting in on a conference call! Clench your buttocks and release; repeat in hourly intervals. You can also throw in some kegel exercises to maintain your reproductive health during days of reduced physical activity. Kegel exercises are great to ease period cramps as well.


04. Leg lifts

Leg lifts

Sit straight on your work desk, palms facing down on the tabletop and feet flat on the ground. Lift your thigh alternatively to touch the roof of the able, hold and set down. Leg lifts are an excellent way to deliver fresh blood to your feet, hips and abdomen. They also work on your core and help tone your lower back.


05. Calf muscle toning

Calf muscle toning

This is a pretty easy one; so simple that you wouldn't even notice doing it. While maintaining a comfortably straight posture, place your feet on your tiptoes on the ground. Do this for both feet, hold the stance as long as you can do it pain-free. This is a great way to tone your calf and shake up idle muscles in your feet.