Decoding Facial Yoga And The Hype Around It

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
Decoding facial yoga and the hype around it

From Kareen Kapoor Khan to Deepika Padukone, if there is one thing we envy about these actresses, it has to be the oh-so-perfect jawline and chiselled cheekbones. And trust us when we say we’ve tried everything from basic contouring to 101 makeup hacks to achieve a perfectly sculpted face. You too? Hi-five. But turns out, getting a chiselled face is easier than you think. How? With the help of facial yoga. Yes, those numerous facial yoga ads on your feed actually work. We know there are a bunch of questions running through your head right, and luckily for you, we’ll be answering them all. Read on…


What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga techniques to try

Just as the name suggests, facial yoga means moving the 57 muscles in your face, neck and scalp in a repetitive motion to increase blood flow, build up face muscles and even sharpen your features. This stimulates the lymphatic system in your facial area, which helps remove all the toxins from your skin and improve muscle strength.


Benefits of facial yoga

Facial yoga techniques to try

By stimulating the lymphatic drainage, facial yoga greatly helps your skin by making it healthy and glowy from within. If you try these facial exercises, you will notice improved skin texture, minimised pores, fewer pimples, and reduced signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. It also firms the neckline, tightens saggy skin and even depuffs the eyes. All in all, if you crave a firmer, chiselled face, and want to bid adieu to wrinkles and fine lines, facial yoga is what you need to try.


Facial yoga techniques to try

Facial yoga techniques to try

Now that you know about the many benefits of facial yoga, here are a few face yoga exercises that you can try to improve your skin’s health.

Lioness face: This face yoga technique helps increase blood circulation, which in turn helps improve skin’s health and muscle strength. All you need to do is inhale deeply and then roll your tongue out while exhaling, using all your facial muscles.

Jaw unlocker: This one will help release muscle tension and stress around your jaw and neck. Simply make a fist and place your knuckles under your cheekbones, with your thumb resting down around your jaw. Then, with your hand still, move your head towards your knuckles and stretch your neck. Repeat this exercise on both sides to release stress around your neck and jaw.

Eye circles: This one is pretty easy, all you need to do is create a circle around your eyes by simply tapping your index fingers lightly and gently in an anti-clockwise direction around your eyes. This will increase blood flow and oxygen levels around your face and help reduce puffiness around your eyes too.


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