Need Motivation To Wfh During The Lockdown? Here’s How Dressing Up Each Morning Can Help

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
 Need motivation to WFH during the lockdown? Here’s how dressing up each morning can help

When the 21-day lockdown to help contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus was imposed, most of us were left with no option but to work from home. And, after over two whole weeks of not having seen our friends and colleagues, the motivation to work from the couch, in the same sweats that you wore just a day before is slowly but surely, dwindling.

But you know what will make you feel better and motivate you to get through this WFH situation? Dressing up! Yes, that’s right. Below, we’ve listed all the reasons how dressing up can help keep you motivated while you WFH during the lockdown.


It gives your day a great kickstart

Improves overall productivity

Research claims that chilling in your PJs the entire day can make you feel lazy. You tend to move slowly and feel a lot less productive, overall. But showering before starting work and wearing work clothes tricks your brain into believing that you are actually going to work.


It boosts your self-esteem

Improves overall productivity

PJs may look cute on the weekends when your intent is to just laze around, but on weekdays when you need to get work done, it always helps to feel more presentable. Therefore, doing your hair, putting on a little mascara and lipstick can instantly uplift your mood, while also providing you with the motivation to work.


It prevents the days from running into each other

Improves overall productivity

When you’ve been working from home for so long, most of your days sort of start looking the same. If you ever catch yourself wearing a set of PJs throughout the day and then going to bed in them as well, then things are probably not right. When you dress up each morning, your brain feels like there is a pattern and nothing has really changed. Which means that it will work the same way it does when you are in office, helping you feel just as productive and in control.


You are always ready for those unexpected video calls

Improves overall productivity

Imagine being caught in your PJs in an unexpected video call from your boss. Awkward! But being dressed during work hours means you won’t ever find yourself in such an embarrassing situation and ensure that you are video-call ready at all times!


Improves overall productivity

Improves overall productivity

Being in your PJs all day long puts you in the lazy weekend spirit making you feel lazy and lethargic. But when you get dressed, it gives you a sense of purpose, which means that your productivity levels instantly go up and you can get more work done in a lesser amount of time.

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