Tried And Tested Makeup Hacks Of 2024 To Elevate Your Makeup Game

Written by Lopa KJan 31, 2024
Tried And Tested Makeup Hacks Of 2024 To Elevate Your Makeup Game

Step into the glamorous world of 2024, where makeup artistry has reached new heights and creativity knows no bounds. In this era of beauty innovation, we're not just applying makeup, we're crafting masterpieces. Want the K-pop idols’ lips that look pouty and rosy? Or the exact place to apply blush so that your cheeks are sculpted to perfection? Or still trying to figure out how to get a creaseless and flawless foundation base? Well, we’ve got you! Buckle up as we dive into the latest makeup techniques and hacks of 2024 that are BB approved! 

2024 Makeup Hacks 

Here are 3 makeup hacks that will elevate your makeup game and more or less help you get Insta-ready looks! 


1. K-pop Lips

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Image credit: @official_g_i_dle 

You may have seen this look everywhere, but what does it all mean? It is all the rage among K-pop idols and the beauty influencers of the Chinese social media platform Douyin as they create their own innovative trends and hacks. This lip style is a favourite among several Asian countries China, South Korea and Japan. The look is all about colour on the centre of your lips to give the illusion of pouty and plump lips. 

And it isn’t even all that complicated: 

  • Simply apply a nude matte shade all over your lips like the Lakmē Absolute Beyond Matte Lip’s ‘Nude Nectar’ or ‘Pink Plum’. This one is super moisturising and pigmented, making it perfect for blending and creating a 3D look. 

  • Next, take an extremely dark matte shade like Lakmē Absolute Beyond Matte Lip – Maroon Magnet. Apply it sparingly, maybe even just a dot to the centre of your lower lip.  

  • If you have a full upper lip, you can also dab a little colour in the centre of your upper lip.  

  • Press your lips together to spread it.  

  • Then take a cotton bud or your finger and smudge out the edges and you are done!  

So, if you are bored of the usual swiping on lipstick and one-toned look, this 3D lip style is for you! 


2. Best Place For Blush

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Image credit: @diptisenthil 

Never sure where to put your blush? Well, this one is for you. As a kid, for all those school annual days or navratri fits, we were supposed to smile big and just go crazy with two big dots on the apple of our cheeks. Then there is also the whole Y2K sunburnt nose look. But if you are not confident with blush, this L-shape blush hack is about to give you a natural warm glow: 

  • All you need to do is dot on a nice pigmented blush shade. Lakmē 9 to 5 Powerplay Velvet Crème Blush has the perfect peach for all skin tones and is easy to use for this hack.  

  • Make an L shape with your index finger and thumb and place it on the edge of your face.  

  • Apply the blush alongside the L-shape or 90° angle that your fingers make against your skin.  

  • Repeat on the other side of your face with your other hand and then blend both sides with a brush or your fingers in an upward direction. 

And now you’ve got a soft contour and naturally-looking blush with just this one hack! 


3. Base Prep for Foundation

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For a natural finish and smooth foundation that doesn’t crease, doesn’t melt, doesn’t fade, it is important to prep the canvas.  

  • Start with a clean, dry face. Moisturise your face so it is soft and ready for all that blending and patting that your skin will go through. 

  • Take translucent powder and lightly swipe it all over your face once the moisturiser has been absorbed. If you are a little icky about the number of base layers, we’d suggest starting with something like the Lakmē Face It Loose Finishing Powder as it has niacinamide which will keep your skin happy. 

  • Next, spray your face with a setting spray. We prefer the Lakmē Absolute Made To Last Setting Spray as it keeps your face hydrated, holds your makeup in place and makes it easier to blend later.  

  • After the setting spray dries, get your hands on a primer. Another product blocking your pores!?Well, we've got your back again as the skin-loving serum-infused primer, Lakmē Absolute Skin Dew Primer should keep your fears at bay. It will blur away the lines and pores without clogging them while also energising your skin for the rest of the day. A win for us! 

  • And time to get to the foundation. With so much happening, something lightweight will do. The Lakmē Absolute Luminous Skin Tint Foundation gives you an even and bright complexion while having a sheer and natural finish. So no worrying about a cakey or heavy look. 

Though, fair warning, this hack works if you have oily or normal skin. For dry skin, it would be best if you skipped the powder step as it can make the base look flaky.  


FAQs about 2024 Makeup Hacks

makeup hacks faqs

1. What are the makeup trends of 2024? 

There’s the clean girl look which even the makeup junkie Kylie Jenner has jumped on. In response to that, the anti-clean girl or the mob wife aesthetic is making the rounds as people love their red lipsticks and smokey grunge eye. Then there’s the dewy Barbie effect which is less about pink or Barbiecore and more about dewy blushes as seen on Sabrina Carpenter.  

2. What are the makeup colours of 2024? 

Well, we are not too far off from last year. While it is not pink, this year is all about light, softness and subtlety so peach is a favourite at the moment. Glitter is trending as well from holographic eyeliners to shimmer on glossy lips. 

3. Are the 90s makeup trends still in for 2024? 

A 100% yes and it doesn’t seem like the 90s makeup is going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, a bunch of “new” trends are inspired by the 90s and Y2K like latte makeup, brown glossy lips, dark lipliners, glazed blush and dewy eyeshadow. 

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