5 tips to make an at-home manicure last for two weeks

Written by Sumona BoseJul 08, 2020

DIY at-home manicures have become an essential skill to acquire during quarantine! Since nail bars are in no rush to open up, the task falls on us to give our nails all the TLC they deserve. But given that we lack the skills and knowledge of a nail tech, it can be difficult to make these manicures last. Relying completely on gel nail polishes is tricky as they are difficult to remove. So, how do you get your at-home manicure to last for at least two weeks without chipping? We have a few tips right here!

01. Grow out healthy, strong nails

Weak and brittle nails tend to bend, which causes the polish to chip. Make sure to use cuticle oils and a strengthening base coat while growing out your nails. This will ensure your nails stay strong and healthy and minimise the chances of your polish chipping faster.

02. Don’t cut, file them

It is easier for polishes to cover rounded edges rather than sharp ones cut with clippers. So, to make your polish last longer, use a nail file to shorten and shape your nails instead of using a clipper.

 03. Apply thin coats


Are you guilty of applying one too many coats of nail paint in order to extend the life of your manicure? But guess what, thick coats take longer to dry and are more prone to smudges. Apply 2 thin layers of nails paint for an even finish and long-lasting manicure. PS Invest in chip-free nail polishes to make your life easier. 

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04. Use wood sticks

Do you know those long, slanted wood sticks that nail technicians use to clean your cuticles at the salon? Turns out, they are easily available and super affordable. Get yourself some of these wooden sticks to clean any mistakes. They are better than a Q-tip and will rid your manicure of any errors… easily.

05. Try the clear nail paint hack

Apply a base coat followed by your choice of nail colour, then the topcoat and finish off with clear nail paint — this hack will make your manicure last for two whole weeks. Allow each layer to dry completely before moving on to the next.