A Beginner-Friendly Guide To Makeup Bag Essentials

Written by Kinnari AsharJun 21, 2024
A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Makeup Bag Essentials

Creating the perfect makeup kit can feel overwhelming, especially with the variety of products available. A well-curated collection of essentials can make all the difference in your daily beauty routine, whether you're a makeup beginner or an experienced pro.  

But how do you know what to include? From achieving a flawless base to adding that finishing touch of glam, we've got you covered with this comprehensive guide.  

Here’s the ultimate list of makeup items that we believe are must-haves in every makeup lover’s beauty bags. As a bonus, we've also added a few product recommendations to step up your makeup game.  

Let’s dive in and learn how to simplify your beauty routine while still looking fabulous with this list of makeup items you need. 

The Ultimate Checklist of Makeup Must-Haves 

1. Primer 


A good primer is the first step to make sure that your makeup lasts all day and looks flawless. Primers create a smooth canvas by filling in pores and fine lines, and they help your foundation to stay perfect all day.  

The Lakmē Unreal Blur perfect Primer is an excellent choice for this. Its silky blur formula instantly brightens and softens blemishes and pores, creating a smooth surface to apply makeup. This primer ensures your makeup glides on effortlessly and stays put for longer, making it an essential part of your makeup kit

2. Foundation 


A good foundation is the cornerstone of any makeup kit and is essential in the list of makeup items for professionals. It evens out your skin tone and creates a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup. The right foundation should match your skin tone perfectly, provide the coverage you need, and feel comfortable throughout the day.  

For a radiant, natural look, the Lakmé Absolute Luminous Skin Tint Foundation is an excellent choice. Its sheer, light-reflecting formula gives your skin a natural, radiant glow while covering imperfections and blurring pores. Available in six shades, it’s easy to find your perfect match. Plus, its weightless, ultra-blendable formula will feel like you’re not wearing any foundation at all. 

3. Concealer  


No makeup kit and list of makeup items for professionals or beginners is complete without a reliable concealer. It should be your go-to for hiding dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections that foundation alone may not cover.  

We recommend the Lakmē Absolute Instant Airbrush Concealer Pen. It provides an airbrushed finish that instantly brightens and perfects your complexion. Its velvety texture glides on smoothly and blends effortlessly, making it ideal for quick touch-ups or creating a flawless base. It’s available in six versatile shades, so you will surely find one to match your skin tone and give you the coverage you need. 

4. Multi-Tasking Tint 


Simplify your routine with a multi-tasking product that can be used on your eyes, lips, and cheeks.  

The Lakmē Xtraordin-airy One-and-Done Tint is a 3-in-1 wonder that delivers effortless glam. Its airy, light, whipped mousse texture glides on easily, providing a soft matte finish that’s perfect for everyday wear.  

Infused with skin-loving ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, and macadamia oil, this tint not only adds colour but also nourishes your skin. Available in eight shades, it’s perfect for creating a monochrome look that’s both striking and easy to achieve. 

And here’s how you create that perfect monochromatic look with this product: 


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5. Eyeshadow 


Eyeshadow can dramatically change your look, whether you want something subtle for the day or bold for the evening. The right eyeshadow can make your eyes pop and add depth and dimension to your overall look.  

The Lakmē 9to5 Eyeconic Shadow Stack is on our list of essential makeup items because it offers a range of shades that blend seamlessly. With options like Smokey Diva (a shimmery charcoal black) and Pink Beauty (a pretty petal pink), these stacks are perfect for creating a variety of eye-catching looks. Each stack includes one shimmer and two matte shades, allowing you to mix and match to create endless eye looks. The portable, chic packaging makes it easy to carry your favourite shades with you wherever you go. 

6. Eyeliner 


An eyeliner can define your eyes and make them pop. Whether you prefer a classic cat-eye, a bold graphic look, or something more subtle, eyeliner is a must-have in any makeup kit and on the list of makeup items for beginners.  

The Lakmē Eyeconic Pro Brush Liner is a must-have for achieving the perfect line every time. Its precise brush tip allows for easy application, whether you’re going for a classic cat-eye or something more daring. Plus, it’s waterproof and flake-proof, ensuring your liner stays put all day. The intense colour and steady grip make it a favourite among makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

7. Mascara 


Mascara is essential for adding volume and length to your lashes, making your eyes look bigger and more awake. A good mascara can transform your look in seconds, taking you from a natural daytime look to full-on glam.  

The Lakmē Lash Boost Extreme Mascara delivers hyper-lifted, impossibly long lashes with its innovative formula and elastomeric brush. It’s waterproof and formulated with 91% natural ingredients, including the plant of resurrection known for boosting lash growth. The expertly designed cone-tipped brush coats and lifts every lash, making it perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. 

8. Lip Colour 


A versatile lip product is a key part of any makeup kit. Whether you’re in the mood for a statement lip or a soft, natural look, having a range of lip colours and finishes is essential.  

The Lakmē Ultimate Glam 4-in-1 Lip Stack offers 4 fabulous shades and 2 different finishes in one stack, allowing you to create a variety of looks. Its stackable design is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, to keep your lips always look their best. The creamy, long-lasting formula provides intense colour payoff and a comfortable wear, making it a favourite among makeup lovers. 

Check out these beautiful shades to choose from! 


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9. Brows 


Well-groomed brows frame your face and enhance your overall look. A good brow product can help you fill in sparse areas, define your arch, and keep your brows in place. Whether you prefer a pencil, powder, or gel, having a reliable brow product in your kit is a must. Look for a shade that matches your natural brow colour best and a formula that is easy to work with. 

The Lakmē Facelift Brow Sculpt Palette is perfect to fill in your brows and shape them. It features two true match shades of brown that give a natural look to your brows. The light shade fills the sparse areas of your brows, while the dark shade adds definition to the arch and tail. 

10. Setting Spray or Powder 


To set your makeup and keep it looking fresh all day, a good setting spray or setting powder are essential. This final touch will lock in your look, prevent smudging, and add a radiant finish. Both powders and setting sprays offer their own unique benefits, so choose one that suits your needs. But a good setting product will help your makeup withstand the elements, whether it’s a hot, humid day or a long night out. Choose something that suits your skin type and the look you’re going for, so your makeup stays flawless from morning to night. 

If you’re looking for a setting powder that locks in your makeup and stays put throughout the day, the Lakmē Absolute Loose Finishing Powder will be your best friend. It gives an airbrushed finish, while also minimizing the look of pores. The powder sets your make-up and ensures that it lasts longer. 

11. Tools 

Having the right tools is just as important as having the right products. High-quality brushes, sponges, and applicators can make a significant difference in the application and finish of your makeup. Invest in a set of good makeup brushes, including a foundation brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brushes, and a blending brush. A beauty sponge is also a must-have for seamlessly blending foundation and concealer, if you don’t want to use a brush.  

Make sure to clean your tools regularly to ensure they stay in good condition and don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Check out these must-have makeup brushes in your vanity:

If you’re a beginner looking to build a makeup kit, here’s a guide:


With this ultimate list of all makeup items that are a must-have, you’ll be well on your way to creating a versatile and effective makeup kit.  

FAQs About Must-Have Makeup Items  

How do I choose the right foundation shade for my skin tone? 

A: To choose the right foundation shade, match it to your jawline and blend it into your neck. The perfect shade should disappear into your skin without leaving a noticeable line. It's also helpful to consider your skin's undertone—cool, warm, or neutral—when selecting a foundation. 

How can I make my mascara last longer and avoid clumping? 

A: To make your mascara last longer and avoid clumping, start with clean lashes and apply the product in thin layers, allowing each layer to dry slightly before applying the next. Avoid pumping the wand in the tube, as this introduces air and can dry out the mascara. 

How often should I clean my makeup brushes and tools? 

A: It's recommended to clean your makeup brushes and tools at least once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria, oils, and makeup residue. Regular cleaning means better application and it reduces the risk of skin irritation and breakouts. 

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