4 Ways To Use Compact Powder Like A Pro

Written by Kaajal SinghJan 25, 2023
4 ways to use compact powder like a pro

We all have that compact powder lying in our vanity and in our handbags for a quick touch-up. But did you know — a compact powder is one of the most versatile makeup products? This easy-on-the-wallet multi-purpose product can do everything from mattifying your lips to keeping your makeup in place all day.

Here are 4 different yet genius ways to make use of the compact powder, like a pro.


#1 Use it as a foundation

#4 Wear it as an eye shadow base

Might sound bizarre, but yes. You can use your compact powder as a foundation base too. All you have do it wet your makeup sponge, squeeze out the excess water and use it to apply your compact powder. This will pick up more product and give a high coverage. You can go for this on days you don’t feel like wearing makeup, but still, want to look presentable.

#4 Wear it as an eye shadow base

Lakme 9 to 5 Wet & Dry Compact Powder is a multi-tasking dual finish foundation, that has 2 in one usage: for dry powder and for wet foundation finish. It can give you 2 glam looks, depending on the application method: a compact like dry finish and foundation like wet finish.


#2 Mattify your lips

#4 Wear it as an eye shadow base

We simply cannot underestimate our love for matte lipsticks. The best way to convert a creamy lipstick into a matte one is to dab some compact powder over your lipstick. This will soak all the excess shine and mattify your lips. Voila!


#3 Quickly touch-up your makeup

#4 Wear it as an eye shadow base

Dirt, dust and pollution often dissolve and take away our makeup by the end of the day. Save yourself from such a horror by touching up your makeup with some compact powder. Just dab some powder all over your face to blot the sweat and fix your makeup.


#4 Wear it as an eye shadow base

#4 Wear it as an eye shadow base

Certain compact powders are slightly shimmery. Get the most out of your compact powder by wearing it as an eye shadow base. Swipe and blend a matte eye shadow shade over it and look like a million bucks.

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