5 hacks to fix overplucked eyebrows using makeup

Written by Sumona BoseApr 05, 2021

We are all guilty of overplucking our eyebrows at some point in our lives! In an attempt to get rid of that unwanted hair, you sometimes go too overboard and turn your full, natural brows into sparse looking caterpillar legs. Fortunately, while you wait for your brow hairs to grow back (a growth serum helps!), there are ways to hack a fuller looking brow with makeup. Here are five hacks that we personally recommend you try instead of mourning your ruined brow!

01. The eyebrow pencil and angled brush hack

Here’s a sneaky hack to make the most of the humble eyebrow pencil! Keep an angled brush handy and soften the tip of your eyebrow pencil with a hairdryer turned on in the maximum setting. Once the tip is glossy and shiny, dab the angled brush lightly on it to collect the pigment and fill in your brows. The pigment spreads out much easier and, when dry, makes the sparse spots look fuller.

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02. Use mascara

Ever tried to use mascara on your brows, and it turned into a splotchy mess? There is a right way to do it! Instead of discarding your dried up old mascara bottle, use a saline solution, eye drops or even lens solution to loosen the pigment. This makes it easier to go on your brows and makes the individual hair look thicker.

03. Grab a liquid eyeliner for a feathery finish

There are so many ways you can get creative with makeup products to fake a fuller looking brow. Our favourite has to be using a shiny liquid eyeliner to fill in sparse brows with soft, flicked out and feathery strokes. Keep the strokes small and use a fine tip liner to make it look as natural as possible.

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04. Use a tinted eyebrow gel for a natural look

Tinted brow gels are an excellent investment for anyone looking to fill in the sparse areas in their brows and want it to look as natural as possible. Start by filling your brow lightly from the front. Go slightly darker as you reach the arch to give your brows a trendy ombré effect. Make sure to pick the tints closest to the natural colour of your brow hair.

05. Block and draw

A simple concealer hack is all you need to create bold and beautiful brows! Start by cleaning the fuzz around your over-plucked brows with a face razor. Next, apply some concealer along the brow bone, top and bottom, to define the shape, and set with some powder. Next, use an angled brush and brow pomade to draw the brows of your dreams!

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