How to find your best setting powder? Face powders are such a quick-fix product; they can quickly set your makeup, make you look fresh with a touch up and help control excess oil. Peep into any girl’s bag, and you will find at least one type of make-up powder sitting there to rescue her from one problem or the other. 

Setting Powder Basics  

What is the best setting powder, and what do you need to know about this product? The main principle behind a setting powder is to make your skin look glowy but not greasy. Some foundations need to be mattified a little bit, and that’s what a setting powder is exactly supposed to do.  

A good setting powder will also set your foundation in place, especially if you have dewy or oily skin and prevent your concealer sinking in your fine fines, for example, in the under eye zone. When creating makeup for an event, setting powder would help to keep it in place for hours and give you a fresh, clean look. 

best setting powder woman lakme

#1 Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Finishing Powder 

Lakmé 9to5 Naturale Finishing Powder with green tea extracts and aloe vera controls oil and makes your skin smooth. It also contains antioxidants and SPF 50 to protect your skin from damage and pollution. If you are looking for the best translucent powder for setting make-up, pay attention to this product in one universal shade that fits all Indian skin tones.  

best setting powder woman lakme

#2 Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation 

Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation is a multitasking product that you can use as a primer, foundation and a setting powder for long-lasting make-up that covers all blemishes and fine lines. This powder is available in 6 shades from “Ivory Cream” to “Natural Almond” and suitable for all skin tones.

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#3 Pond's Natural Glow Face Powder, Pink Glow 

Pond's Natural Glow Face Powder in Pink Glow shade controls oil production, makes your skin silky smooth, covers dark spots, and gives long-lasting matte effect. All you need to do is just apply the powder every day with light platting motion and enjoy the results. 

best setting powder woman ponds

#4 Pond's Natural Glow Face Powder, BB Glow 

Pond's Natural Glow Face Powder in BB Glow shade gives your face a soft touch, controls oil and mattifies, keeps your skin complexion even and healthy. Its dermatologically tested formula with sunscreen helps you to get glowing skin without any heaviness. 

Setting Powder vs Other Face Powders  

Now every face powder is made for a specific purpose, but it is natural to get confused between the various types. HD, finishing, translucent, tinted, compact, phew! How do you differentiate between this endless list of face powders to find your best setting powder? You don’t have to, because we did it for you! 

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Setting powder 

As the name suggests, setting powder is used post concealer and foundation to even out skin texture, blur fine lines and pores and give you a matte finish. This powder comes in both tinted and translucent types depending on your preference. This type of product makes the best setting powder for oily skin, especially if you prefer using liquid foundation and want to achieve a flawless finish.

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Finishing powder 

Finishing powders are more often than not translucent, but can also be found in different shades to match your skin tone. They have a finer and softer consistency as compared to setting powders, so you may find the best setting powder for concealer among them. Overall, we suggest trying different variants and deciding for yourself. 

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Pressed powder 

This powder generally comes in a compact form and is used on top of a liquid foundation to get an even finish. It is perfect for quick touch ups during the day but do not expect too much coverage from these. In fact, if you pick too much product or use it for coverage it might end up looking cakey. This happens because the ingredients used in pressed powders turn the foundation into semi-solid form.

best setting powder

Loose powder 

Loose powder might be a little tricky to carry around because of its fine consistency. However, this light-weight coverage formula is perfect to be worn over foundation for hours, which makes it the best setting powder for bridal make-up, as well as the perfect product to correct make-up mistakes. To ensure you don’t use too much of this powder, dust it lightly over your face with a soft powder brush.  

FAQs about Best Setting Powders in 2022 

How to apply setting powder the right way? 

To apply setting powder like a pro, you need first to press it into your skin, then use a puff to achieve a flawless look. Focus more on the areas over your chin, nose, mouth, and forehead by pressing and rolling on your skin with the puff. Fold your puff into half to reach the narrow areas, like corners of your nose and eyes, but do not apply too much product, then you’ll be wearing your setting powder without cakey effect. 

Can I use a setting spray instead of setting powder? 

What is the difference between setting powder and setting spray? While they both claim to do the same thing, setting powder and setting spray’s finish might be different. Setting powder usually mattifies your skin but setting spray can give you either matte, or more natural glowy finish, depending on its features. 

What is the best foundation setting powder for dry skin? 

It can be hard to find the setting powder for dry or ageing skin that doesn’t highlight fine lines or looks crispy on your face. But dry skin usually has small pores and doesn’t produce too much oil, so you shouldn’t look for too much blurring or mattifying effect. You can apply a little bit of pressed powder to set up your foundation and concealer, otherwise, the setting spray for dry skin can work even better than the best setting powder for dewy finish. 

What is the best under eye setting powder for dark skin? 

To cover dark circles around your eyes, use a tinted foundation powder with matte finish. Better to choose peachy or salmon shades to cover this area. Otherwise, apply a peachy or orange concealer, then set it with translucent powder. Discover the best concealers to hide dark circles

How to find your best vegan setting powder? 

It is not too hard to find a vegan setting powder, even if the manufacturer doesn’t claim it’s vegan, most of the face powders contain only plant based, mineral, or synthesised ingredients not derived from animals. Double-check the composition, and if you are looking for your best cruelty free setting powder for oily skin or combination skin type, also find “Not tested on animals” sign on the package. 

Hope this helped you to find the best setting powder for your skin type and complexion, that keeps your face smooth and shiny but not crispy or greasy!