5 eye makeup tips to camouflage dark circles like a pro

Written by Anjali AgarwalNov 03, 2019

Dark circles are like your ex. They are annoying, stubborn and never leave you alone. No matter what you do, you can’t get rid of them. The only thing you can do is hide them with makeup. Argh! Regretting taking our good night’s sleep advice for granted now, aren’t you?

Well, thankfully, you can take the attention off your pesky and unsightly dark circles with some nifty eye makeup. While your concealer hides your dark circles, some genius eye makeup tips can make your racoon eyes look naturally gorgeous. Here are three eye makeup tips to camouflage dark circles like a pro.

Black smokey eye is a no-no

Dark hues accentuate your dark circles and make them look more prominent. Ergo, kohl-rimmed eyes are no friend to girls with dark circles. Instead, opt for soft and light colours while working with eyeshadow. Rock a brown smokey eye or go with colours like mauve, pink and purple to do your eye makeup.

Get the gloss on

Glossy eye makeup is a sure-shot way to draw attention to your dazzling eyes rather that your dark circles. Wear a glossy eyeshadow on the upper lids. Don’t apply anything on the lower lash line and let the gloss do all the talking.

Switch to nude kajal

Instead of your black kajal, start using a nude kajal to colour your lash line. It makes your eyes look bigger and more awake and doesn’t add to the dark pigmentation under the eyes. Also, a nude kajal is striking and takes the attention from your dark circles.

Coloured liners? Hell yes!

Make friends with coloured liners as they draw attention away from your dark circles and make your eyes pop. Pick colours that go well with your eye colour and skin tone and sport the coloured liner trend to mask those dark circles.

Amp up your lash game

What can cover the dark under-eye area? That’s right! Heavy and fuller lashes! Apply loads of mascara to your eyes to make your lashes the centre of attraction. You can also opt for a coloured mascara for a peppy eye look.

Image courtesy: Pinterest