All of us will agree that picking the correct foundation is a difficult task. Right from the correct shade to a suitable texture, there is not a detail you can afford to ignore if you want to avoid your foundation from washing out your complexion.

If you apply foundation only for it to turn a shade or two darker after a few hours, your foundation is oxidising. This is extremely common with people who have oily or combination skin types. Follow these simple steps to prevent oxidation and look flawless all the time...

steps to prevent foundation oxidising

Prep it well

It is important to switch to a moisturiser or serum that is perfect for your skin type. if you have oily skin, it is suggested to use a lightweight or oil-free product that keeps your skin hydrated without making it oily or sticky.

steps to prevent foundation oxidising

Never forget a primer

A primer is like a layer between your makeup and skin, and that prevents yiu natural facials oils from tampering with the chemicals in your foundation. And the best type of primer to do this job are silicone based primers as they are very good at forming this sheild. 

steps to prevent foundation oxidising

Stock up on some blotting papers

If you are going to be wearing foundation for long hours, it is a wise idea to keep some sheets of blotting paper handy. Blotting your face when it feels to oily throughout the day prevents the foundation from oxidising.

steps to prevent foundation oxidising

Use oil-control products

Setting your foundation with some translucent powder helps makeup last longer and absorbs excess oil from your skin. This keeps the foundation from turning darker.

steps to prevent foundation oxidising

Use a lighter shade of foundation

If none of the above tricks work, here something that may prove to be handy. Simply get yourself a lighter shade of foundation. When this foundation oxidises and turns darker, it will look like your natural skin colour and not darker.