How to keep your base makeup intact even while wearing sunglasses

Written by Urvi DalalOct 07, 2020

How many times have you let your sunglasses ruin your perfectly done makeup look? For me, it’s more times than I can count. While sunglasses are essential because they shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, they can also prove to be a nuisance by leaving behind ugly dents in your foundation on the side of your nose.

But before you decide to toss your sunglasses and take on UV damage head on, hear us out. We’ve got some near-genius tips that will ensure that your sunglasses never ruin your makeup look ever again. Scroll down to find out what they are.

Never skip primer

The friction between your sunglasses and foundation is the main reason behind the lifting of the product from your skin. But the first step towards preventing this is to apply a layer of primer all over your face. But ensure that you pay special attention to your nose as the majority of the foundation is lifted from there.

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Spritz some setting spray on your makeup sponge

A smart tip to ensure that the foundation stays put for a longer period of time is to apply it with a damp sponge. But in order to keep your foundation from moving despite constant friction, you’ll need to do a bit more. So, after you’ve dampened your sponge, spritz on a generous amount of makeup setting spray on to it and then go ahead and apply your foundation. This will ensure that the foundation sticks to your skin a lot better, and prevents it from being lifted away, in spite of the constant friction with your glasses.

Use a matte foundation formula

It is common knowledge that if you want your foundation to last a lot longer, then it’s better to opt for a matte finish one. This is because matte foundations adhere to your skin a lot better than dewy ones, thanks to their slightly heavy formulation. This ensures that the foundation sits onto your skin without budging.

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Try baking

Got excessively oily skin that won’t let your foundation stay in place for more than a few hours? Try baking your face. All you need to do is take some loose translucent powder onto a makeup sponge and apply a VISIBLE layer of it on the side of your nose. Allow this powder to sit there for a couple of minutes (about 3-4 should be good) and then lightly sweep away the excess using a large fluffy brush. This is the best way to set the foundation in place and prevent it from moving.

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