Uneven skin texture is mainly caused due to excessive buildup of dead skin cells on the skin. This can leave your skin dry, flaky and bumpy on touch. Apart from this, factors such as prolonged sun exposure, ageing, eczema and dryness can also affect the texture of your skin and make it rough and uneven. While following a thorough skincare routine religiously will help inch you closer to your dream skin, there are ways to improve the look of textured skin with makeup when. And no, we don’t just mean to slather on layers of makeup mindlessly; instead, follow these pro tips we’ve put together.

For starters, you’ve got to maintain a clean slate to create a flawless base every single time. For this, keep up with your exfoliation routine, do it at least twice a week and focus on textured areas. Be gentle, and don’t overdo it. A formula like the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliant is suitable for all skin types and textures. Half the battle is won when your skin is prepped. The rest can be sorted by following the tips mentioned below:


01. Use a silicone based primer

Use a silicone based primer

Silicones are an excellent ingredient for textured skin. Not only do they lock in hydration and moisture to keep your skin supple, but they also help fill in the pores on the skin and blur out imperfections to give your skin a smoother appearance. You can use a tapered foundation brush or clean fingers to apply your primer. Use a pea-sized amount and dab it in.

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02. Use a liquid foundation with buildable coverage

Use a liquid foundation with buildable coverage

Applying a thick matte layer of cream foundation will actually make your skin look cakey and draw attention to the texture. This is why foundations with a liquid base and buildable formula are ideal for textured skin. Use a beauty blender and apply it in patting motions. Start by applying a thin layer and keep building till you’ve achieved the desired coverage. Do not rub or smudge with hands while blending.

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03. Spot correct with a concealer

Spot correct with a concealer

Since you might already have a couple of layers of foundation on, do not cake it further with lots of concealer. Simply apply concealer on areas that require extra coverage. Use a precise concealer brush, and gently pat the product to avoid moving the product around too much.

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04. Keep setting with powder

गलत शेड यूज़ करना

There is no hard and fast rule which states that you need to use a setting powder only towards the end of your makeup routine. You can use translucent powder to set your primer, foundation and concealer depending on the level of smooth finish you desire. Loose mineral powders also help fill in any surface indentations on your skin, giving them an even look. The trick is to first brittle the powder with a fluffy brush, then blend it in with a stiff angled or kabuki brush.

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