5 trendy eye makeup looks you can recreate using the Lakmé Gelato eye pencils

Written by Tashika TyagiOct 05, 2021

They say your eyes are the windows to the soul. We don’t know about the philosophical aspect, but pretty eye makeup is surely a gateway to our hearts! As people who appreciate the art of colourful, gorgeous eye makeup, we are always on the lookout for some inspiration. And here we’re sharing some of our recent favourite eye makeup looks that you can recreate for yourself with the eight deliciously-hued eye pencils from the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection. Sounds fun, right? Read on and try them all!

1) Floating crease

Image Courtesy: @EsLaModa 

This one is an easy and extremely fun way to amp up your eye makeup. Begin by drawing a classic eyeliner with a black liner. Keep it thin and elongate it towards the ends. Now, coming to the fun part. Take the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - Spearmint to create the floating crease on your lids. Extend the crease to meet the black eyeliner below. You can also apply the coloured eye pencil on your waterline and smudge it with a makeup brush to take your look up by a notch.

2) Dramatic cat eyes

Image Courtesy: @We Heart It 

This dramatic cat eye makeup is a piece of art. Recreating this look might take a lot of precision and time but trust us, it’ll be all worth the effort. You’d need the Lakmé Eyeconic Liner Pen Fine Tip to make the first layer of thick black cat eyes. Follow it up by drawing another layer of cat eyes, along the first one, with the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - Limoncello shade. For a final flair, create the negative space cat eyes with the Lakmé Insta Eye Liner - Blue and you’re good to go.

3) Take the lime road

Image Courtesy: @Byrdie 

Minimal, gorgeous and super easy - this floating lime eyeliner is everything you need to rock a day brunch meetup or even a party with your buddies. Prep your eyes with some concealer to make sure there is no discolouration around your eyes and once set, make a thin line with a black eyeliner along your eyes. Then, draw a floating negative space graphic eyeliner with the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - Matcha colour. Add lots of mascara to volumise your lashes and you’re ready to roll.

4) Pastel rainbow

Image Courtesy: @JAPONESQUE

To create this super pretty and easy pastel rainbow eye makeup, you’d need three shades from the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - Spearmint, Limoncello and Candy Floss. You’d be making three creases for this look, so make sure you space them right. Start by drawing a negative space cat eye with the Candy Floss shade. Follow it up with the Limoncello and then the Spearmint colours. Curl up your lashes next and add 2-3 strokes of mascara to them.

5) Monochromatic eyes

Image Courtesy: @VIVA GLAM Magazine

This monochromatic eye makeup will add a dramatic and feminine character to your eyes. To get this look, apply the pink eyeshadow from the Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette - Berry Martini to your eyelids. Once your eyeshadow is done, it’s time to add the amazing pink eyeliner with the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate The Gelato Collection - Raspberry to your lids. Follow it by applying oodles of mascara to your lashes and maybe a little gem sticker to make your eyes look more dramatic.

Main Image Courtesy: @EsLaModa , @VIVA GLAM Magazine