5 Stunning Ways To Wear Blue Mascara

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
5 stunning ways to wear blue mascara

Our favourite makeup products have transformed a lot over the past few years. Earlier, the only two products (other than foundations) that came in different shades were lipsticks and eyeshadow. Now, pretty much everything can be found in bright and pastel shades. Truly, what a great time to be alive!

Having said that, coloured eyeliners and mascaras can be a scary thought for a lot of women, especially those who haven’t tried anything beyond the classic black. But if you’re looking to break the monotony and experiment with your makeup, start with a colorful mascara — it’s fun and anything but conventional. A blue mascara like Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara - Blue is the perfect shade to begin with as it suits every Indian skin tone. Here are a few stunning ways to wear blue mascara.


01. Only top lashes

05: Pop of orange

Image courtesy: @ulianamatviiv

Those who are just starting out with coloured mascaras can start with something simple like coating only the top lashes with blue mascara. It won’t look super OOT, but your eyes won’t go unnoticed either!


02: All over

05: Pop of orange

Image courtesy: @_staygoldenn

Once you get comfortable with the attention and compliments coming your way, go a little bold and wear it on your top and bottom lashes. Add two coats on your top lashes and two on your bottom lashes to make your lashes appear fuller and bold.


03: With red eyeliner

05: Pop of orange

Image courtesy: @hello_zyoma

Enjoying all that attention, aren’t you? It’s time to take your blue mascara a notch higher. Introduce a coloured eyeliner and take another step out of your comfort zone. Pick a contrasting shade like red or green to amp up the shock value.


04: With metallic eyes

05: Pop of orange

Image courtesy: @imoddlyglam

Pick the wrong shade and your eye makeup may come across as tacky. Some of the best metallic eyeshadow shades that complement a blue mascara are yellow and orange. However, you can always experiment and come up with a combination that flatters your skin tone.


05: Pop of orange

05: Pop of orange

Image courtesy: @maha.gram

For a fun summery eye look, pair two of the most stunning shades to create something simple yet beautiful. Apply your blue mascara on both, top and bottom lashes, then add some bright orange gel eyeliner/eyeshadow on the inner corners for that added zing.

Main image courtesy: @jayden_fa


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