Face Primer: The Benefits And How To Use It Correctly 

Written by Anushka ShahFeb 29, 2024
Face Primer: The Benefits and How to Use it Correctly 

Give your skin that matte-finish and inner glow by investing in an unmatched primer. To give you all the insight, we’re here with a peep into how to use primer on the face and more! 

Hey there beauty mavens, if you’re intrigued by the world of primers - you should know so are we! In their prime now, quite literally primers have been everywhere; only in the elaborate makeup kits of professionals, on the shelves of MUA-only stores to now, in every amateur’s IG vlog and gracing the drugstore shelves. Benefiting from an impressive trajectory, primers have come a long way and we’re here for it.  

And the most essential question: what do they do? Well, it’s not only the first step of makeup application but also an essential one for it - from evening out your skin tone, blurring pores to making your makeup last longer, primers do it all. Often regarded as a holy grail product that every girl who wears makeup definitely needs in her beauty arsenal.  

However, if you’re still one of the newbies who hasn’t embraced all things primer because you’re still wondering: how to use primer on the face; we’re here with all the tea. And you’re in the right place and tbh, on the verge of amping up your entire makeup routine. 

Ahead, we take you through this complete of why you should invest in a  face primer AKA what are the benefits. So, hold tight as the knowledge unfolds. 

Benefits of Face primer   

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

Enter into the most integral side of beauty with the prime time of primers 

Controls sebum production 

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

For starters, a primer is an excellent choice for those of you with oily and combination skin. This is because most primers contain silicone, which forms a layer on your skin, prevents oil and sweat from mixing with your makeup and ruining it. The mattifying properties of a primer soak up excess oil, thereby minimising shine and giving your makeup a beautiful matte finish.

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

The Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Matte Face Primer is famous for its mattifying properties and is a great choice for combination to oily skin. The product creates the perfect base for makeup, makes it last longer and hides all your imperfections. A smooth matte texture is waterproof, and helps you to achieve a flawless, even-toned face goal.

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

Creates a smooth skin canvas 

Since primers form a layer over your skin, they do a very good job of concealing pores and other minor skin imperfections such as uneven skin texture and blemishes. This helps smoothen out your skin and gives it a more flawless look. Additionally, this means that your makeup tends to go on a lot smoother and settles to a very natural, skin-like finish. For this to happen, you need to know the answer to; how to use primer on the face - the primer must be evenly applied. More deets to follow. 

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

If you need to reduce large pores appearance, we recommend you trying the Lakmé Absolute Glow Primer, that blends seamlessly, is light and easy to layer, makes your look last longer, and provides a highlighter like glow due to luminescent pearls.

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

Makes your makeup last longer  

Since primers tend to control excess sebum and sweat, they prevent your makeup from budging for hours on end. Face primers  provide your foundation something to cling on to, and prevent natural oils produced by your skin from breaking down the foundation. This is what makes your makeup stay on for hours together without the need for any sort of touch-up. 

Has skincare benefits  

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

A lot of primers are formulated using a number of skin-loving ingredients that end up largely benefitting your skin. Enriched with glycerin, hyaluronic acid and even aloe vera, face primers tend to supply your skin with an added dose of hydration, making it appear soft, supple and more conditioned. Additionally, a lot of primers tend to contain SPF, which works really well to protect your skin against harmful rays of the sun. 

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

A transparent gel texture of Lakmé Absolute Undercover Gel Primer with vitamin E nourishes dry skin, blends seamlessly, gives you an even looking skin and smooth finish, helps to avoid cakey face makeup effect. 

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

Makes your makeup pop 

Simply applying your face primer on your eyes or lips is a great way to bring out the true colours of the products and make them appear a lot more pigmented. The next time you feel like your eyeshadow doesn’t look quite as pigmented on your eyes as it does on the palette, you know what to do! 

How to Use a Face Primer  

how to use primer on face in hindi woman

All the insight on how to use primer on the face   

Step 01: After you’ve finished your skincare routine, wait for about five minutes to allow all the products to sink into your skin. 

Step 02: Take a pea-sized amount of your favourite primer, dot it all over your place, especially paying attention to those areas that tend to get oily. Dab it into your skin; rubbing it will only shift and lift the product away, rendering it useless. 

Step 03: After application, wait for two to three minutes before applying makeup. This provides time for the primer to settle into the skin and not get rubbed away while applying the rest of your makeup products. And viola, now you know how to use primer on the face!  

FAQs about Benefits of Face primer and How to Use it Correctly

Blurring your questions by answering your prime(r) doubts 

Q1 Do you really need a primer?  

A. Primer is a product that helps your makeup stay on a lot longer and makes it appear absolutely flawless. So if you are someone who frequently has smudged eyeliner, textured looking skin or melting foundation on one too many occasions, then you must invest in a face primer. This will change your makeup game to a large extent. And of course, you must follow our guide on how to use primer on the face - this will give you that look you deserve!  

Q2 Can you use a primer on its own?  

A. Yes, why not! Face primers are an easy and excellent way to blur your pores, minimise minor skin imperfections and even out skin texture. Therefore, if you are someone who feels that a foundation is too heavy for everyday wear, then it is a great idea to only put on a little primer. 

Q3 How do I choose a face primer?  

A. Choosing a face primer is similar to choosing the rest of your makeup products. If you have dry skin, choose a hydrating primer. Those with oily skin should opt for mattifying primers and if you have dull, lacklustre skin, then an illuminating primer would be the best choice for you. 

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