Makeup Primer For The Perfect Winter Look: 6 Of The Best

Written by Team BBDec 23, 2022
Makeup Primer for the Perfect Winter Look: 6 of the Best

What is primer makeup meaning, and what is makeup primer used for? You should use makeup primer to create a flawless base for your foundation, concealer, contouring, blush, highlighter, powder, and other face products. The right primer for your skin type helps to apply your foundation evenly, prevents it from crease or smudge, and keeps your makeup in place during the day. Your choice of primer may not only depend on skin type, but also on seasonality, so, read on and discover how to find the best primer for long lasting makeup in winter. 

Makeup Primer for the Perfect Winter Look: The Basics 

How to pick your best makeup primer for winter? As your skin gets drier, you should look for creamy soothing and hydrating primer textures, that protect your skin and work as a barrier against external factors. Among the benefits of applying primer before makeup, there are extra moisturising and nourishing properties, smoothing your skin, and protection from weather conditions. Check our BB editor’s TOP 6 product suggestions and learn more about the primer makeup use. 

Best Makeup Primer for the Perfect Winter Look 

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Primer #1: Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer 

This Lakme makeup primer with blurring effect moisturises, softens and smooths your skin, helps to mask blemishes and keep your makeup waterproof. Mattifying properties of this product make it an excellent makeup primer for oily skin. 

How to Create the Winter Look 

The most efficient way to apply a primer is to squeeze some product on your palm, dot on your face, then gently spread with your fingers from hairline to your neck. You can also apply a primer alone to even skin tone and cover blemishes.

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Primer #2: Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation 

One of the best makeup swaps for flawless skin is to wear a foundation with built in face primer makeup, like Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation, that provides natural finish and long-lasting coverage, with ideal matte texture for winter oily skin. To check this makeup primer price in India, follow the link above. 

How to Create the Winter Look 

What is the right way of this foundation with built in primer makeup use? It’s recommended to apply the product on your hand first, then dot on your face and neck. After that, blend your primer makeup Lakme foundation with a brush or a wet sponge.

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Primer #3: Lakme 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer 

Not only foundation can have a built in makeup base primer, but also a concealer, like Lakme 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer contains a primer for a smooth finish. This product use will become your winter makeup tip for a crease free coverage, masking blemishes, hiding fine lines and dark spots. 

How to Create the Winter Look 

How to use makeup primer concealer? Put on small dots of product on your skin areas that you want to cover, then blend with your fingers. You can also contour your face using a darker concealer shade, or use a lighter shade to highlight your face. Otherwise, there is an option to use concealer without foundation to mask blemishes and get a natural coverage. 

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Primer #4: Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 

To apply makeup on dry skin during winter, you need first to intensively moisturise it. Moreover, you can use a good face moisturiser as a makeup primer. Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser with vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, glycerine and borage seed oil helps to soothe, nourish and hydrate your skin up to 12 hours. 

How to Create the Winter Look 

For moisturising cream as a primer use in makeup apply it generously on your face and neck in gentle upward and outward movements. Let the layer absorb, then apply your foundation.

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Primer #5: Ponds Light Moisturiser Non-Oily Fresh Feel 

Another one moisturiser that can be used as a makeup primer for dry skin is a Ponds Light Moisturiser Non-Oily Fresh Feel with glycerine and vitamin E. Its non-oily fresh formula gives your skin glowy and non-stiky finish, perfect for all seasons and for further makeup application. 

How to Create the Winter Look 

Take a required amount of cream, dab onto your face and gently massage. For cooling effect against puffiness, you may keep the moisturiser in your fridge.

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Primer #6: Vaseline® Skin Protecting Jelly 

If you want to fix common winter skin problems, get a makeup primer for dry skin, and cut your primer makeup price at the same time, try the Vaseline® Skin Protecting Jelly. It helps to soothe, smooth, moisturise and nourish your skin, add a protective layer, and provide an even application of foundation on dry skin. 

How to Create the Winter Look 

Apply a small amount of product to your skin and evenly spread with your fingers. You can apply Vaseline® Skin Protecting Jelly as a second layer after your moisturising cream, or just alone, then put your foundation on. There is also an option to mix a small amount of jelly with your foundation to help it glide smoothly. 

FAQs about Best Makeup Primer for the Perfect Winter Look 

Q1 How to use makeup primer spray? 

Primers are not only formulated as creams or gels, but can be used in spay formats, too. Spritz the primer spray all over your face, let it dry a little bit, then slightly dab on your skin. 

Q2 What amount of primer should I use? 

For even and thin makeup application, use a pea sized amount of primer. If you put on too much of product, your makeup won’t stick and be tend to slide off. Wait a minute between primer and foundation steps to let the product dry a little bit — in the meanwhile, you can do your eyebrows. 

Q3 Can I use a primer without makeup? 

As well as you can use a foundation without a primer, you can do the opposite thing. Using a foundation without a primer is not actually recommended because primer helps to make a better coverage and keep it long lasting. But applying just a primer on your face helps to slightly smooth your skin, even its complexion, blur pores, blemishes, and achieve that natural look, like you didn’t apply anything. 

Hope now you’ve learned more about primer makeup products, and how to use them in winter. Also check the common primer mistakes to avoid

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