Use Makeup Primer: Here’s Why

Written by Kinnari AsharNov 09, 2022
Use Makeup Primer: Here’s Why

You’ve seen makeup experts praising it and beauty bloggers using it like forever. And yet, face makeup primer happens to be one of the most mysterious makeup products ever! Even though everyone knows that a primer is an important makeup staple for long-lasting and flawless makeup; there is still a lot of confusion around the primer makeup essential and its usage

So, what’s the best way to apply a primer? At what step should it be applied? If you too scratch your head often and think; how to use makeup primer? Well, we have just the story you need to read right now. Let us fill you in with all the info you need on priming. Read on... 

What Does Makeup Primer Do?   

In simple words, priming is the first step of makeup that makes sure your skin is prepped up for the makeup to come. Primer acts as a layer between your skin and your makeup and makes sure your makeup lasts. Your primer can do a whole lot more than prime and prep the skin. The right primer can hydrate your skin, blur your pores, conceal your fine lines, and protect, illuminate or mattify your makeup.

5. Prevents shine on your face

If blurring pores’ visibility and a matte finish are what you want, get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer. A tinted primer will do the double duty as a colour corrector. It has a smooth matte texture that is waterproof and extremely lightweight. 

5. Prevents shine on your face

Pick the Lakme Absolute Undercover Gel Primer since it is the best makeup primer for oily skin. It gives you skin that looks super smooth and nourished and makeup that lasts all day long. This transparent gel-based primer has a gel texture that gives you an even looking skin and smooth finish. 

If you are a girl who’s big on eye makeup, you need to get your hands on an eye primer. Applying an eye primer makes sure your eyeshadow doesn’t crease and lasts long. 

Let us now discuss what is makeup primer used for and what are its benefits

Benefits of Using Makeup Primer 


1. Blurs your pores

5. Prevents shine on your face

Pores don't open and close like you think. They do, however, tend to stretch and appear larger. By applying a primer, especially one that blurs pores, you can minimise the appearance of pores.


2. Mattifies oily skin

5. Prevents shine on your face

Primer is a Godsend for oily skin. No, really! It's important to use a primer if you have oily skin. It will remove excess oil from your skin and will also create a barrier to prevent any more oil from coming out. With your primer, your makeup stays perfect and oil-free for longer periods of time. So, you can say goodbye to shiny midday skin.


3. Helps makeup last long

5. Prevents shine on your face

Do you worry about melting make-up and constant touch-ups? It's time to start using a face primer as your first step in your make-up routine. It's a common misconception that using the right foundation shade is all you need to create a smooth base for your makeup. However, this is not the case! Primer will ensure your foundation will stick to your face, will not get cakey, and will glide smoothly over your skin. 


4. Hydrates dry skin

5. Prevents shine on your face

You'll notice a radiant glow on your skin if you use a primer that contains nourishing ingredients. Besides being an instant pick-me-up, a primer locks in moisture under makeup – so you don't have to worry about damage. 


5. Prevents shine on your face

5. Prevents shine on your face

A natural glow is something we all strive for, but those with oily skin know what it's like to have shiny skin versus dewy skin – and that's when primer comes in handy. Oily skin is primarily caused by sebum, a substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. You end up with patches of oily skin where makeup cannot adhere to when it mixes with liquids such as foundation. As a primer soaks up excess oil and minimizes oily shine, it prevents any oil from disrupting the makeup. 

FAQs about Using a Makeup Primer: A Full Guide  

How to use makeup primer? 

Using a brush, sponge, or finger, blend a pea-sized amount of primer outwards. Let it dry for one minute; it usually takes that long. Continue applying your makeup as usual. 

When and where exactly do you apply the primer? 

Before you apply your makeup product, apply primer after you moisturise your skin. For an even finish, use a face primer before applying your base makeup. Apply some on the lids before applying eye makeup to hydrate the area. If you wish to add even more volume to your lashes, apply the primer before putting on the mascara. 

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