Everywhere you look, it seems like models, celebrities and influencers are all flaunting gorgeous, radiant and glowing skin that looks absolutely flawless and healthy all the time. If you find yourself envying them because you think they’re born with it, then you’re in for a little surprise!

On the days when they look less than 100%, they have a sneaky little trick up their sleeve, which helps them mimic flawless skin - the highlighter! Using highlighter strategically can make your skin look plump and reduce the appearance of imperfections on the skin. However, the trouble is when you have oily skin. Using highlighter on oily skin is a balancing act between looking like a shiny disco ball and glamorous.

With just a few tricks and a little more maintenance, you can pull off that stunning, dewy finish in a flash. Check out our tips below to get that beautiful, lit-from-within glow for girls with oily skin .

things to keep in mind for highlighter oily skin

Be regular with your skincare

A diligent skincare routine is the first step towards having clear, flawless looking skin and restricting excess sebum production. Before wearing any sort of makeup, it is important to prep your skin with the correct products that help control oil. Always cleanse your face, go over it with a toner, moisturise with a mattifying moisturiser and lastly, apply sunscreen.

things to keep in mind for highlighter oily skin

Opt for powder highlighters

Cream or liquid highlighters could prove to be a little too much for people with oily skin, hence it is best to opt for powder based highlighters. These will not only help keep the sebum production in check, but will also give you a really natural looking, lit-from-within glow.

things to keep in mind for highlighter oily skin

Don’t apply highlighter on bare skin

To ensure that your highlighter does not move through the day, never apply it directly on to bare skin. Post your skincare routine, always start with a primer. This will help control shine and help your makeup stay for longer. Additionally, always apply a lightweight mattifying foundation and layer your powder highlighter over this.

things to keep in mind for highlighter oily skin

Refine your pores

If you have oily skin, chances are that you have large, visible pores. Now the problem with wearing a highlighter is that the shimmery particles in the highlighter will make your pores appear larger. Therefore, it is important to regularly exfoliate your face to help clean the pores and keep them from expanding. Secondly, always wear a pore refining or minimising primer as this will reduce the appearance of pores and make your skin appear smoother.

things to keep in mind for highlighter oily skin

Apply minimally

If your skin tends to get oily in a few hours, then it is best to be a little frugal with your highlighter application. Whether you are using a cream or powder highlighter, always start with applying very little and blending it out thoroughly. You can always add more product if you think your face needs it. This way, you can control how much highlighter goes on and ultimately, your look.

Image courtesy: Instagram