It is perhaps every woman's goal to make her manicure last for a longer period than before. Some of us succeed, some don't. Here are ten tips you should follow if you want to increase the efficacy of your manicure.

  1. Avoid water and labouring too much with your hands. To keep your nails healthy and refined, you need to take good care of them and not directly expose them to toil. Working in water or using highly basic soaps can cause your nails to lose their manicured shine. Your hands are as sensitive as your face and hence, you should avoid doing any work, especially of a rough nature, after a manicure.
  2. Wash your hands with a mild cleanser and not with bath soap. Bathing soaps have a considerable amount of sulphate content in them which may erode the shine of your nails. If you wish to make your manicure last longer, a sulphate-free soap or a mild hand wash is your best bet.
  3. Do not engage in any work with clay or any other substance that can get trapped in your fingernails. When dirt gets trapped in your fingernails, it is pretty difficult to have it completely removed, making your nails look dirty and ending the very purpose of your manicure.
  4. Do not use acrylic nails or artificial nail art after getting a manicure as this completely ruins the flawless finish that you get from a manicure.
  5. Value health over length and try to keep your nails rather short. This way, you can maintain excellent hygiene and a chic style as well.

Manicure tips

6. Do not try to chisel off your nail paint. If a bit of your nail paint gets scraped off by mistake, do not attempt to paint over it again either. Grab a bottle of acetone and completely take off the nail paint before repainting it.

7. Moisturizing your hands regularly is as essential as moisturizing your face. This helps prevent those painful cuticle hangnails and also gives your hands a shiny glow.

8. Instead of shaking the bottle of polish vigorously, roll it between your hands so as to remove the air bubbles in it and to prevent their formation any further. If you paint your nails using polish that has bubbles in it, the nail paint tends to chip off faster.

Manicure tips

9. Apply multiple thin coats of nail paint rather than just one thick coat. A thick coat takes time to dry and is more vulnerable to getting smudged during this period. Applying multiple thin coats will allow you time to dry the polish in between. The best and the most professional way to apply nail polish is by applying three coats, moving from the centre to the sides.

10. Always apply a transparent base coat first in order to prevent the nail polish from causing any damage to your manicure. The transparent base coat also helps your nail polish to last longer.