Glitter Nail Art Using Dual Shades And Tones

Written by Lopa KFeb 23, 2024
Glitter Nail Art Using Dual Shades and Tones

While some glitter nail art designs are just a fad and gain popularity because of social media, there are always classic nail designs that never go out of vogue. These nail arts usually include shine, sparkle and glitter. Whether you are a minimalistic fashionista or a glamorous beauty queen, you can choose from a variety of glitter nail art that suits your personality. And we’ve got just the tips and tricks to you give you a salon-like quality from the comfort of your home. 


Mastering Glitter Nail Art with Dual Tones


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From subtle accents to bold designs, glitter nail art designs offer endless possibilities. Whether you are going for a relaxing vacation or attending a wedding, you can never go wrong with glitter nails. Glitter can be added to the nails in various forms, including glitter nail polish, loose glitters or glitter gels.  

Choosing Your Glitter Shades  

When choosing the shades for glitter nail art, think about how you want them to complement or contrast with each other. Consider pairing a vibrant glitter with a subtle shimmer for a dynamic effect. For example, if you're using a bold red glitter, you might complement it with a softer gold or silver glitter as an accent nail for contrast. 

Just like with makeup, complementary glitter shades can look oh-so-pretty against your skin colour. Lighter skin tones tend to look stunning with pastel or nude glitter shades, while medium skin tones can rock a variety of colours from soft pinks to rich purples. Deep skin tones can pop with bold jewel tones or deep metallic shades.  

The Art of Application: Glitter Nail Tips and Techniques  

  • For dual-tone application, start by prepping your nails with a base coat to ensure a smooth application.  

  • After your glitter nail art, finish with a top coat to seal in the glitter and give your nails a glossy finish. 

  • One of the easiest layering techniques is to apply glitter only near the tip. Then take the same brush and simply drag the particles from the tip lightly to the centre for an ombre effect. 

  • You can try layering glitter over a solid base color for a subtle sparkle or create intricate designs using glitter as accents.  

  • Consider mixing different sizes of glitter particles or combining matte and glitter finishes for added dimension and glitter blending. For this, use a toothpick to add loose glitter particles. 

Creative Patterns and Designs with Glitter  


1. Ombre Glitter


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Ombre is one of the easiest glitter nail patterns, has gained popularity in recent times and can be achieved with a variety of shades. Create this silver glitter nail art by applying a glitter polish from the top to the middle of the nail, gradually fading out towards the cuticle.  


2. Reverse French Glitter


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Amp up your French design ideas by doing it in reverse. Instead of the tips, create a glittery French manicure with the glitter concentrated along the cuticle area. This French nail art with glitter looks like a cute crescent moon. Using glitter shades like ‘Dusty Gold’ and ‘Champagne Brown’ from Lakmé Glitterati Collection Shine Nail Color to outline your cuticles will help stand out the reverse French nails.   


3. Classic Glitter French


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Give the classic French manicure a twist by replacing the traditional white tips with glitter. Apply U-shaped tape below the tips and then simply paint on the glitter to create the sparkly tips for this French nail art with glitter. To stay on theme with the classic look, we love something neutral like 'Blushing Pink' from Lakmé Glitterati Collection Shine Nail Color's sparkly range. It is both, bold and subtle art as the glitter is minimal but still attracts attention.


4. Glitter Accent Nail


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For a soft and classy hint of glitter on your nails, paint one nail with glitter polish and the rest of the fingers with a solid base coat of your choice. Lakmé Glitterati Collection Shine Nail Color’s ‘Pearl Play’ is just what you need to get that accent nail as it gives a smooth finish that still shines. This silver glitter nail art is perfect for those looking for a minimalistic glitter glam nail. This design also adds a subtle sparkle without overpowering the entire manicure. 


FAQs about Mastering Glitter Nail Art


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Q1. How to prep your nails for nail polish application?  

A. Clean your nails and remove any existing nail polish. File and shape your nails and gently push back the cuticles with an orangewood stick. Apply a base coat to protect your nails from staining and for a smooth surface for nail polish application.  

Q2. Why is a top coat for glitter nail art designs needed? 

Remember, when applying glitter nail polish or other variety of nail glitters, always seal the design with a top coat to avoid the glitter from smudging or chipping off. 

Q3. What are the latest nail trends for 2024?  

The nail trends for 2024 are all about minimalism, neutral shades like beige and peach, glossy nails, latte nails, and iconic cherry red nails. 

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