Here Is Your Guide To Every Nail Polish Finish Out There

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Here is your guide to every nail polish finish out there
They say big surprises come in small packages. This is especially true for nail polishes, don’t you think? They come in small glass bottles, but once you apply them, the happiness they deliver is big! A good mani-pedi can be all the therapy you need after a stress-filled week.

Have you ever walked down the nail polish aisle and found yourself confused with all the colours? There are a hundred different colours to choose from, and they come in a variety of finishes that sound confusing. This is where things get murky. Crème, gloss, duochrome, chrome and more! What do these terms mean?

The nail polish fairy has come to your rescue! Scroll down to know what these nail finishes look like, so you can show off your new-found knowledge the next time you go shopping!



These are the regular ones that you have been wearing. They are solid colours, with no-frills-attached.




These are usually in shades of gold, silver, bronze or copper shades. They are perfect for nights out and parties.




These are metallic shades on steroids. They are super shine and reflective and they also come in shades of gold, silver and rose gold.




These are usually clear nail polishes that have glittery particles suspended in them. They are famously difficult to remove, so be warned!




Matte finish is where the nail polish dries to a non-shiny finish, or you can apply your regular crème nail polish and then use a mattifying top-coat.




This is the kind of nail polish that has multi-coloured flecks in it.




These polishes look like the holograph stickers and when in the sunlight, they reflect light like an oil-slick floating on water. Need we say more!




These nail polishes can look like different colours under different angles. You could even layer this on top of a black base for some major oomph!




These polishes dry down to a grainy or sandy texture. They dry quickly and you can also apply a clear top coat to add an extra dimension.




These polishes are usually transparent and give a faint hint of colour because of the fine shiny particles suspended in it. If you are not in the habit of painting your nails or want Meghan Markle-like manicure, opt for a pearl finish nail polish.

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