With the beauty industry throwing new things our way every single day, it can be hard to keep track. We’re constantly inundated with advanced jargon and new steps in every makeup routine which, frankly, can be a tad baffling causing us to forget even the basics such as the difference between a compact powder and a foundation. If you, like us, need a beauty school refresher this is a good place to start. Read on…


Compact powder

Compact powders have a lightweight powdery texture and come in a pressed form. The Lakmé 9 to 5 Flawless Matte Complexion Compact not only helps in giving you a flawless finish but is also very convenient to carry in your handbag. Lakme 9 to 5 Wet & Dry Compact Powder is a multi-tasking dual finish foundation, that has 2 in one usage: for dry powder and for wet foundation finish. It can give you 2 glam looks, depending on the application method: a compact like dry finish and foundation like wet finish.


Liquid foundation

Liquid foundations are one of the most traditional foundation types and are widely popular even today. Our pick is the Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Foundation that gives medium to heavy coverage and comes with a creamy texture to give you an even skin tone.


Difference between a compact powder and a foundation

While compact powders are used for a lighter coverage, liquid foundations are meant for girls who like heavy and long-lasting coverage with minimal touch ups. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, definitely go for powder compacts as they last longer on this type of skin. On the other hand, women with dry skin should opt for liquid foundation since it won’t highlight the texture (as a compact would) and give your skin some hydration too. While powder compacts are best to look natural, liquid foundations work best if you’re stepping out at night.