Republic Day Makeup Looks For Celebratory Elegance

Written by Lopa KJan 23, 2024
Republic Day Makeup Looks for Celebratory Elegance

As India's Republic Day approaches, the excitement is bound to take over. One way to showcase our pride for our country is through our appearance, and what better way to do that than with a stylish look with traditional outfits, classy hairstyles and tri-colour makeup?  

Whether you're attending a flag-hoisting event, a social gathering, or simply enjoying the day at home, party makeup looks are sure to add a touch of vibrancy and patriotism to your energy. So, today, let’s take a look at some makeup inspo and how you can go about recreating them for Republic Day. 


How to Prep for a Republic Day Look

Look 5: Indian Beauty

Before delving into the party makeup looks, let’s gather all the makeup products we may need. 


Any day party makeup look needs a good base. Without prepping your canvas no colour will look good or even stay up all day. Start with a primer like the Lakmē Absolute Skin Dew Primer for a blurry and glassy effect. 

Since most Republic Day events are a day thing, you are good to go with a light base like a BB cream or a skin tint. Try out the Lakmē Absolute Luminous Skin Tint Foundation which gives you an even and bright complexion. If you have a couple of stubborn dark spots, cover them up easily with the Lakmē Absolute Instant Airbrush Concealer Pen


Now this is a no-brainer but an eyeshadow palette with the tri-colour shades will literally make life easier for such Republic Day makeup looks. If you are not sure where to look, try the Lakmē Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Coral Sunset. It has different shades of orange so it suits all Indian skin tones. On top of it, it has your green and an aqua blue to complete the look. 

The evergreen trend for such looks is colourful eyeliner instead of the usual black. To amp up the glam, try out a glittery green or blue liner like Lakmē Glitterati Collection Shine Eyeliner’s ‘Vibrant Azure’ or ‘Darling Blue’ which dries quickly, letting you experiment with your eye makeup. 

For your usual party makeup looks, falsies work well, but for early morning gatherings and brunch, a coat of mascara brings the drama without going over the top. We’d suggest the Lakmē Lash Boost Extreme Mascara as it is buildable to give you a simple lift or the whole 3D effect. 


The best way to complete your makeup is to turn to an orange lipstick. But if you are not sure it will suit you, look for a warm red with a hint of orange like Lakmē Lip Love Lip & Cheek Tint’s ‘Fiery Red’. This multipurpose tint is so pigmented that even a dot on your cheeks can give you a warm glow to top of your tri-colour makeup. 

5 Party Makeup Looks for Celebrating India’s Republic Day 


Look 1: Full Face of Tri-Colour

Look 5: Indian Beauty

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The easiest way to do a full face for Republic Day is to use the different colours of our flag for different aspects of your face. First things first, set up your base. As for the theme, a green smokey eye paired with orange lips and orange blush is an instant hit for patriotic makeup.  

A heavy coat of mascara can easily jazz up the look if you think it is too simple. You can also one-up this look by lining your eyes with blue liner and highlighting the inner corner of your eyes with white to put the last piece in place. 


Look 2: Minimalist Yet On Brand

Look 5: Indian Beauty

Image Credit: @smritiramchand 

Okay, okay, we get it, if no one else is dressing up and you are worried about being judged by all the aunties downstairs, it can make you self-conscious. But you can still show your enthusiasm but keep it simple with understated and natural party makeup looks.  

And this look has all the colours, so no one can say you didn’t try! Swipe on some orange all over your eyelids and then line your eyes with green liner. Blue bindis are the perfect proxy of the Chakra. And you can still let your fun side peek through with some white rhinestones to highlight your eye makeup. 


Look 3: Desi Euphoria

Look 5: Indian Beauty

Image Credit: @_sohinibhattacharya_ 

HBO’s Euphoria has changed the makeup game for good. And yes, even we desis can adapt it for an important event like Republic Day. Use the rhinestones as the white portion of the flag and simply apply orange on the top half and green on the bottom half of your eyelid.  

We may have to skip the blue but a white bindi complements the white rhinestones. Instead, to complete the eye makeup, you can line your eyes with blue eyeliner, though, you may not need to wing it out as the rhinestones does the job. Add a rust or orange lipstick with a hint of orange blush on your nose and cheeks for the Y2K experience.  


Look 4: Elegance Extravaganza

Look 5: Indian Beauty

Image Credit: @_a_teaspoon_of_sugar 

Honestly, we have the best colours that symbolize our country as it gives us so many options to play with. If you don’t feel like experimenting, you can also keep it chic and elegant while staying on theme. This one is all about a dewy base, so don’t forget the primer. A touch of orange tint on the lips also keeps the focus on the eyes which is the highlight of this look. 

Create a smokey eye with the tri-colours to celebrate Republic Day and finish it up with some mascara. The whites in the middle and waterline easily open up your peepers, especially if you have hooded eyes. The white dots on the sides are optional but to recreate it, simply take white eyeliner or white paint and go to town! 


Look 5: Indian Beauty

Look 5: Indian Beauty

Image Credit: @hhbomberr 

Some may argue that you don’t have to change up your whole face for an important day like 26th January. You can easily embrace your natural beauty while using minimal makeup to accentuate your features.  

Orange blush brings warmth to your face and the same shade can work as the perfect nude lipstick as well. As for the eyes, a swipe of orange with green eyeliner and brushed-out eyebrows keeps it simple yet colourful. 

FAQs on Makeup for India’s Republic Day 

Q1. How to choose party makeup looks for a Republic Day celebration in college? 

When choosing a makeup look for a college event, consider your comfort and the overall dress code. Also, remember that you most probably will be travelling, and the hot sun, crowd and sweat can mess up a full, heavy face. Opt for lightweight looks with a sheer base. If you do like making a statement, focus on your eye makeup. 

Q2. How to do celebratory makeup for lazy girls? 

Thankfully, there are several effortless makeup looks for us lazy girls who want to dress up. Blue bindi, green eyeliner and orange lipstick are the easiest way to go. If you don’t like bindis, you can skip that as well and you will still be on theme! 

Q3. How to style hair with makeup for Republic Day? 

For Republic Day, you can opt for a variety of hairstyles. A side-swept loose braid complements the traditional look beautifully. Alternatively, you can create a half-bun with a few loose tendrils for a casual yet put-together look. 

As India's Republic Day approaches, these styles offer a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of freedom and unity. These party makeup looks carry their own unique charm, allowing you to express your patriotism and creativity with confidence. 

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