Complete Guide To Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

Written by Kinnari AsharJun 21, 2024
Complete Guide to Perfecting Your Makeup Routine

Makeup isn't just about putting products on your face—it's an art form, a creative outlet that lets you express your unique style. Whether it's a special occasion or just a day you want to look and feel your best, perfecting your makeup routine can make all the difference. With the right techniques and makeup steps, you can enhance your features, conceal imperfections, and create a stunning look for any event. Let's dive into how to do makeup step by step to master your makeup routine, from prepping your skin to adding those finishing touches. 

Complete Guide to Perfecting Your Makeup Routine  

Here are the basic makeup steps to follow to achieve a flawless complexion. 

1. Prep for Perfection 

The secret to flawless makeup lies in creating a smooth, prepped canvas. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any lingering traces of the day (or night) before you get started. Follow with a moisturiser suited to your skin type – one of the most crucial face makeup steps for ensuring your makeup applies evenly and stays put. 

2. Prime Time  


Primer is your secret weapon for creating a flawless base. It minimises pores, blurs imperfections, and allows your foundation to glide on effortlessly. Choose a formula that addresses your specific concerns: mattifying for oily complexions, hydrating for dry skin, or colour-correcting to address uneven tones. 

We recommend the Lakmē Unreal Blur Perfect Primer for its silky formula that instantly brightens and softens blemishes and pores. 

3. Build a Flawless Base 



For areas that need extra TLC, a concealer will become your best friend. Use a concealer like the Lakmē Absolute Instant Airbrush Concealer Pen to cover dark circles, blemishes, or any areas needing extra coverage. Apply a small amount and blend it out with your ring finger or a small brush for a perfect finish. 

Setting your base makeup in place is one of the important makeup steps before you continue. To set your foundation and concealer, apply a translucent setting powder. This helps to reduce shine and keeps your makeup in place. Use a fluffy brush to dust the powder lightly over your face, concentrating on the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). 

Watch this video to learn how to achieve a flawless base: 

4. Sculpt Your Features 


Ready to add some depth and dimension? Contouring is your secret weapon and one of the essential makeup steps! Use a cream or powder contour to define your cheekbones, jawline, and the sides of your nose. Remember, blending is the key – harsh lines are a big no-no!  

A touch of blush adds a healthy flush of colour, while highlighter strategically placed on your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid's bow creates a radiant, youthful glow.  

Try out the Lakmē Xtraordin-airy One-and-Done Tint which can be used on your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a flush of colour all over. We love that it is infused with skin-loving ingredients like Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and macadamia oil, which nourish your skin. And this multi-tasker also looks natural once applied. You can choose from 8 different shades to suit your mood.  

5. Get Your Eye Makeup Right 


For the eye makeup steps, if you are looking for long-lasting eyeshadow wear, start with an eyeshadow primer. Apply a neutral shade all over your lid as a base, then add a touch of depth with a darker shade in the crease. Want to brighten things up? Sweep a shimmery shade on your lid for a touch of glam. Define your eyes with eyeliner – a pencil like the Lakmē Absolute Explore Eye Pencil is great for beginners, while gel or liquid liners offer more a dramatic look.  

And lastly, finish with a volumising mascara like the Lakmē Lash Boost Extreme Mascara by wiggling the wand from root of your lashes to the tip for even distribution. Its innovative formula and specialised elastomeric brush give your lashes increased curling and lengthening benefits, making this mascara the holy grail for hyper-lifted lashes. 

If you want to know how to achieve a glam eye, check this out:

6. Define the Brows  

For perfectly framed features, don't neglect your brows! Use a brow pencil, powder, or pomade to fill in sparse areas, following your natural brow shape for a realistic look. Remember, start with light strokes, and gradually build up the colour. Set your brows in place with a clear or tinted brow gel to keep them looking polished all day long. 

7. The Finishing Touches 

For a flawless pout, start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dry skin. Apply a hydrating lip balm, then line your lips with a liner that matches your lipstick to prevent colour bleeding. Finally, apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss, starting from the centre and blending outwards. 

8. Lock It In 



A setting spray is your best friend for ensuring your makeup stays put all day long. This locks everything in place, helps your makeup last longer, and keeps it looking fresh.  

And there you have it—a complete guide to perfecting your makeup routine. Follow these steps, and you'll be ready to face any occasion with confidence and style.  

FAQs about Makeup Steps 

Q1. How can I make my makeup last all day? 

A: Use a primer before applying foundation, set your makeup with a translucent powder, and finish with a setting spray. These steps help lock your makeup in place and control shine. 

Q2. How can I prevent my mascara from clumping? 

A: Wipe off any excess mascara from the wand before applying. Use a zigzag motion when applying to separate the lashes. If the mascara does clump, use a clean spoolie brush to comb through your lashes. 

Q3. How can I make my lipstick last longer? 

A: Exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm first. Use a lip liner to define your lips and prevent colour from bleeding. Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, then reapply another layer. Setting with a translucent powder can also help. 

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