Those who are familiar with make up essentials, will always get the difference between no makeup, and no-makeup makeup. No-makeup makeup idea is to create an effortless yet stunning look, like you just woke up, and your skin is glowing naturally. What a trick! If you want to learn, read on.

Nail the No-Makeup Look: The Basics

Make up no makeup look is never out of trend, whether it’s called natural makeup, nude, or minimal coverage look, or “clean girl makeup trend” from TikTok. The technique can be slightly different depending on your hair and skin tone, or personal preferences. But there are common rules for no-makeup makeup look that you can follow.

  • Don’t do full coverage and layers.
  • Prefer glowing textures over matte.
  • Choose semitransparent products instead of high-pigmented.
  • Stick to natural shades.
  • Cut the amount of products you use and steps you follow.

Tips on How to Nail the No-makeup Look

Tips on How to Nail the No-makeup Look

1. Tips for Skin Coverage

  • You can skip the foundation, or use a light BB cream to even skin complexion.
  • To mask blemishes and dark spots, apply small concealer dots, wait for a while, then blend.
  • Using natural blush shade is a great tip to nail the no-makeup makeup look.
  • Add delicate shimmer highlighter to your cheekbones, nose, eyes, and under brows, blend and get this natural glow.

2. Tips for Eyes

  • Fill in your eyebrows, if needed, or just brush and fix them with transparent brow gel.
  • To switch up no-makeup makeup look, you can leave your eyes bare, or just slightly contour them with the essentials eye make up palette in natural brown and light shades.
  • You can add a wing to visually uplift the outer eye corners. To make it soft, use eye pencil, or eyeshadows, and slightly blend your wing.
  • Leave your lashes bare, or add a touch of mascara to the roots.

3. Tips for Lips

  • Moisturise your lips.
  • Use lipstick natural shade that looks “like your lips, but better”.
  • Do not apply matte, or highly pigmented lipsticks — you may choose satin formulas, or lip gloss instead to create your easy no-makeup makeup look.
  • If you contour your lips, use a natural pencil shade, and slightly blend it.

Essential Products to Nail the No-makeup Look

1. Concealer instead of foundation

1. Concealer instead of foundation

To create no foundation makeup look for a natural finish, you still need a good concealer that masks all blemishes, pigmentation, age spots, dark circles, etc. Concealer, like Lakmé Absolute White Intense Liquid is the key product for no make make up look, that helps to create flawless and natural, crease-free finish. This product is hydrating, concealing imperfections, brightening your skin, and also has SPF 25.

2. The Essentials: Eye Make up Palette

2. The Essentials: Eye Make up Palette

Basic eyeshadow palette is always useful for no-makeup makeup look creation. Lakmé 9to5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow - Desert Rose includes natural brown shades to contour your eyes, fill in your eyebrows, or even face contouring; light shimmery shades can be used not only on your eyes, but as a face highlighter, too.

3. Lipstick for No-makeup Makeup

3. Lipstick for No-makeup Makeup

Lakmé Absolute Spotlight Lip Gloss gives your lips a smooth, shiny finish for make up no makeup look. Pick up a natural shade close to your lip colour, so you can use it not only for your lips, but for blushing cheeks, too. This lipstick provides comfort wear and non-sticky effect.


FAQs about How to Nail the No-makeup Look 

Q1 How to create no-makeup makeup look for a wedding?

If you’re a bride, or a bridesmaid, pure, natural, and glowing from inside no-makeup makeup is worth trying. Learn how to create this look for a special day.

Q2 Can I use contouring in no-makeup look?

Yes, you can slightly contour your face, if needed, just use contour shades not much darker than your skin tone. Blend very well, do not apply too much product, and of course, avoid baking technique to create this look.

Q3 What are the strict no-nos in a no-makeup makeup?

Sometimes, you may not apply too much products on, but still can’t achieve no-make up look, because you use wrong items, textures, or shades. What doesn’t look natural and nude on your face? All matte textures, high pigmented products, full coverage, unnatural shades, layers of mascara, false lashes.

If you liked these no-makeup make up essentials, learn more about skin care to look flawless with minimal coverage.