5 Makeup Trends From Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2020 That You Should Attempt This Summer

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 makeup trends from Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2020 that you should attempt this summer

Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2020 may have gotten over last night with the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan closing the season with Amit Aggarwal, and yet our fashion week hangover is anything but gone. That’s what we love the most about fashion weeks; even after they’re over, they leave us with amazing fashion and beauty trends to mull over for the next couple of months.

And guess what? We’ve already picked up our most favourite makeup trends from the last five days. From super dewy skin to lotsa colours on the eyes, here are our top five makeup trend picks from the latest edition of Lakmé Fashion Week.


Colourful inner corner highlight

Fierce graphic eyeliners

As beauty buffs, who does not love the inner corner highlight? This little trick helps instantly open up your peepers for that bright-eyed look. At LFW, this trend was taken a notch higher. From a matte yellow inner corner to metallic teal highlights, we saw it all. Such a summer-ready trend, don’t you think?


Dewy AF skin

Fierce graphic eyeliners

Dewy skin is always in, and this edition of LFW proved it yet again. We saw models sporting healthy-looking skin thanks to oodles of highlighter in all the right places. So ladies, be ready to sport that summer glow with aplomb this season!


Uni-coloured lids

Fierce graphic eyeliners

We saw a lot of wearable makeup trends and can’t wait to recreate them; one trend that we are absolutely digging is uni-coloured matte eyelids. A really poppy and summery trend, it features a single, bright-coloured eye shadow all over your lid with a light wing for that added drama.


Graphic blushadow

Fierce graphic eyeliners

Blushadow has been doing the rounds for quite a few seasons now, and guess what? It’s back again! Only this time it’s sharper and a hella more graphic than ever before. We saw models walking the ramp wearing triangle-shaped graphic blushadow in some really vivid colours.


OTT silver lids

Fierce graphic eyeliners

If you are someone who likes experimenting with makeup, then the OTT silver eye makeup trend should be right up your alley. We love how the saturated wash of colour brightens up the eyes and makes them look so much bigger. Also, the best thing about this makeup look is that you can pair it with a lip colour of your choice, as the neutral eye colour looks equally amazing with a nude lip gloss or a bright red lip.


Fierce graphic eyeliners

Fierce graphic eyeliners

Another makeup trend that has resurfaced is the graphic eyeliner, only this time it’s bigger and better. We saw models ditch the usual blacks and opt for some daring shades. We spotted everything from vibrant teal to a fierce red floating winged eyeliner, and we must say, we are floored!

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