A 5 step pedicure guide to achieve flaunt-worthy feet

Written by Urvi DalalFeb 18, 2019

Spring and summer are the two seasons when you can actually flaunt your feet by wearing appropriate footwear. But the prerequisite of wearing open sandals is that you need healthy, nourished and crack-free feet.

It is a well-known fact that well-groomed feet can make one feel a lot more confident. Achieving perfect looking feet does not require you to spend an inordinate amount of time or money.

All you need is to follow these 5 easy steps for a DIY pedicure at home…

Prep your nails

A pedicure always starts with getting rid of any old nail polish residue. Deep a piece of cotton in nail polish remover and swipe it across your toe nails to do this.

Give your feet a bath

Next, it’s time for a foot bath. Fill a tub with warm water, enough to cover your ankles. Add some soap (or bath salts), some essential oil along with a few smooth pebbles. Let your feet soak in this hot water for about 15 minutes. Then dry your feet with a towel. This step provides your feet with a gentle massage and preps them for the steps to follow.

Exfoliate your feet

Once your feet are completely dry, it is time to apply some cuticle cream to your toe nails. Next, soften your feet using a pumice stone to get rid of dead skin cells. Remember to be extremely gentle as being too harsh could cause tears at your skin. Once the cuticle cream looks like it has sunk in, push the cuticles behind with a cuticle pusher.

Moisturise your feet

After exfoliating, it is time to moisturise your feet. To do so, apply a thick moisturiser and massage it into your skin. This will help improve blood circulation and prevent cracks.

Play up your nails

Now it’s time to decorate your nails and make them look pretty. Paint them a colour of your choice. Start with applying a base coat followed by a polish as this helps protect your nails. And make the last longer. You can also jazz your feet up with a pretty anklet or toe rings.