Love Running But Hate Skin Chafing? Here’s How To Prevent It

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Love running but hate skin chafing? Here’s how to prevent it

Working out outdoors has its own benefits some of which include fresh air, more space and being closer to nature. But there are also cons to it, one of them being skin chafing especially when the weather is warm. While running the skin on your thighs rub together and leave you with an uncomfortable patch of red, irritated skin. This affects people of all shapes and sizes, particularly those who run or brisk walk frequently.

If you’re an avid runner or athlete facing this problem, here’s how you can avoid it...


Stay clean

Soothe the area

Sweat is one of the major reasons that contribute to chafing. Therefore it is important to stay clean and keep the area dry. After showering allow the area to dry completely before putting on your clothes, this gives your skin the time to breathe and heal faster.


Talc free powder

Soothe the area

Another way to control moisture in the area is by applying a talc free powder. It absorbs all the moisture from your inner thighs and keeps it dry. You can use baby powder for this, applying it a few times every day will reduce chafing considerably.


Petroleum jelly

Soothe the area

An inexpensive way to heal and prevent chafing is by applying some petroleum jelly to your inner thighs. If you think it’s sticky and will make things messy, know that you only need a very small amount – a small pinch is enough to do the trick. It will prevent your thighs from rubbing together as well as protect chapped areas.


Reduce friction

Soothe the area

Ill-fitted clothes and certain fabrics are also responsible for skin chafing. Wear appropriate clothes to reduce friction between your skin and clothing. When running or cycling wear shorts or pants with smooth seams and made from synthetic fibers to keep your skin as dry as possible.


Soothe the area

Soothe the area

Walking around with chafed skin can quite painful, if you’ve already developed chafing a good way to soothe the area is by applying some fresh gel of aloe vera. Its soothing and calming properties will calm the skin and avoid discomfort.

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